You can connect Attentive with Richpanel to forward all SMS messages received from a subscriber to your Richpanel account. This allows a customer support agent to reply to customers directly through SMS.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • Your company must have at least one affiliate user in Attentive so that authentication with our APIs can occur and your messages can be sent successfully. Contact our White Glove team ( if you need to confirm.

Now, complete the following procedures to set up the integration.

Step 1: Collect Richpanel information

  1. Sign in to your Richpanel account and navigate to the Channels menurichpanel_1.png
  2. Select the Attentive channel and fill out the following information:
    • Channel Name
    • Select a brand
  3. Click Add Channel.
  4. On the Attentive SMS screen, copy and save the Client Id and API Key. You’ll need these in Step 2.

Step 2: Set up the integration in Attentive

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration in Attentive:

  1. Navigate to the integrations setup page and select Richpanel.
  2. Enter the following details, which you previously collected in Step 1:
    • API Token–This is the API Key in Richpanel.
    • Client Id
  3. Decide whether you want to send an Additional Context Message:
    • Disabled–Only the customer message is sent to Richpanel (e.g., “When does the sale end?”).
    • Enabled–An additional context message is sent to Richpanel along with the customer message (e.g., “Shop now for the latest Fall sales!” along with “When does the sale end?”).
  4. If you selected Enabled in the previous step, set the Context Message Window time.
    This is the number of hours to wait for a context message. If the message is outside this time window, it isn’t sent to the customer support agent. The default is 2 hours.
  5. Set the Support Confirmation toggle based on whether a customer response should trigger an auto-response asking them to text a keyword to forward their request to an agent. (If this is disabled, all customer responses are sent to the agent.)
  6. If you enabled the Support Confirmation toggle:
    • Enter a Support Confirmation Keyword.
    • Enter the Acknowledgement Message customers should receive after replying.
    • (Optional) Enter the Resolution Message customers should receive when their ticket is closed.
  7. Click Set up integration.

Step 3: Generate the webhook URL and configure Richpanel

After you set up the integration in the Attentive platform, you need to generate the webhook URL and configure your Richpanel account to pass information back to Attentive. Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your connected Richpanel integration on the integrations setup page.
  2. Scroll to the Generate Attentive Webhooks section and click Generate Urls.
  3. On the Generate Attentive Webhooks window, copy and store the CONVERSATION CLOSURE WEBHOOK and REPLY WEBHOOK URLs to a safe location. You’ll need these in the following steps.
  4. Click Close to exit the window.
  5. Click Save changes.
  6. Go back to your Richpanel account and navigate to the Attentive channel.
  7. On the Attentive SMS screen, enter the following values under Channel Settings:
    • Send Message URL: Attentive’s REPLY WEBHOOK
    • Update Ticket Status URL: Attentive’s CONVERSATION CLOSURE WEBHOOK
  8. Click Save Changes.

Step 4: Test the integration

Note: Your SMS program must be launched before this integration can start sending messages and before you can test the integration.

After your SMS program is launched, if you just set up the integration, wait approximately ten minutes to allow for the settings in both systems to synchronize. Then, complete the following procedure to test the integration:

  1. Send a text message (e.g., “Where can I purchase a snack?”) to your dedicated number.
  2. Verify that you receive the auto response.
  3. (Optional) If the Support Confirmation setting is enabled, reply to the text with the keyword (e.g., SUPPORT) and verify that you receive the Acknowledgement Message.
  4. Sign in to Richpanel and confirm that a ticket has been created.
  5. Reply to the ticket in Richpanel.
  6. Confirm that you receive the Richpanel response as a text message to your phone.
  7. Close the ticket in Richpanel.
  8. If the Resolution Message was set up, confirm that you receive it.


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + Richpanel integration.

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