FAQs: Branching on product data

How are product properties defined?

See Shopify product details for a refresher on how your product catalog is organized according to category, name, and availability.

Note: If you want to create a branch to message subscribers who purchased an item that was on sale, confirm whether your Shopify sale tag is “#on-sale” or “#sale” to ensure that your journey begins with the correct data.

How do I use branching on product data?

If you already know how to create a custom journey, then you already know how to use branching on product data in journeys. After you add a branch step to a custom journey, select What product was viewed, added to cart, or purchased, and then choose the product attribute:


Then, customize the message you want to send on each branch. For example, send aftercare instructions to a subscriber who purchased a weighted blanket with important wash information, or send a discount code to subscribers who added a product to their cart but didn’t complete the purchase to complete more sales.


For more tips on how to optimize your branching on product data journeys, be sure to check out Use cases: branching on product data.

How do I incorporate product data?

With an eCommerce integration or the Product Data API, you can input product data to incorporate product attributes in your subscriber segments or journey branches. This allows you to create product-change triggered journeys. For more information, see Use your product data in Attentive.

How many product names or other product details can I include in a single branch?

You can include up to 20 “paths” of product data. For example, if your journey branches on product names, you can include up to 20 different product names.


You can also create branches in checkout abandonment and post-purchase journeys based on any items in a subscriber’s cart, all items in a cart, or the value of items in a cart. For more, check out What is branching on product data?

What happens if a subscriber views more than one product that triggers a branching on product data journey?

Subscribers will enter the first journey that they trigger. For example, if you have three browse abandonment journeys and a subscriber views each, only the first product they view will trigger the journey. All subsequent events won't trigger an additional journey.

What happens if a subscriber qualifies for more than one branch at a time?

If a subscriber meets the criteria for multiple branches at the same time, they enter only the left-most path in the journey.

Who will have access to Branching on Product Data?

Branching on product data is currently available only to Shopify clients. If you’re not using Shopify, don’t worry—we’re hard at work on implementing branching on product data for non-Shopify clients!

I'm using Shopify, but I don't see the option to branch on product data. What should I do?

If you're building a custom journey and don't see any of the product branch options, then your data is not quite ready to use branching on product data.

To learn more about your options, reach out to whiteglove@attentivemobile.com.

Will subscribers who buy something via Shopify or ReCharge travel through a post-purchase journey with product data branching?

If you’re using ReCharge to help manage your subscription products, then your subscribers are enrolled in a post-purchase journey if they're both:

  • Opted into marketing text messages from you, and
  • This is their first subscription purchase. Subsequent recurring subscription orders won't trigger a post-purchase journey.

If you’re using Shopify, your subscribers are enrolled in a post-purchase journey if they're opted into marketing text messages from you.

Can you share some popular use cases for how I might best use product data branching?

For sure! Check out Branching on product data use cases for a suite of suggestions, copy best practices, and other ideas for how to build your own, amazing branching on product data journeys.

For ‘product availability’ how often is the availability of an item evaluated before sending a message to a subscriber?

If you’re branching on product availability, Attentive checks your Shopify store each time a customer hits that branch of a branching on product data journey. Essentially, this means that all product availability messages are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

When branching on an item that is either in-stock or out-of-stock, will I be able to share if there’s another size available?

Currently, branching on product data is unable to use size or other variants of specific items, so you currently can't offer a variant if the product the subscriber interacted with is unavailable.




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