FAQs: Offers in journeys

Why would I want to add an offer to a journey? What are the main use cases?

Check out Use cases: Offers in journeys.

Can I add offers to any journey messages?

You can add any offer to any marketing, non-transactional journey. Previously, you could only add offers to welcome journeys.

Can I add an existing offer, or do I have to make a new one?

Both! You can either choose an existing offer to include in the journey, or click Create new to use a new offer.


For more, check out Create offers.

If I’m using a unique discount code, does each subscriber get a unique code?

Yes! Each customer that enters a journey with a unique discount code will receive -- and deplete -- their own code.


Note: When you send a test message with a {{subscriber.signupOffer.code}} or {{subscriber.signupOffer.couponScreenLink}}, you'll see {{subscriber.signupOffer.code}} or {{subscriber.signupOffer.couponScreenLink}} in the test message. When you send the message as part of a journey, subscribers will see the correct discount code or link.

Can I test what a message with an offer will look like?

Yes! While editing a send text message step, click Send test message on the phone, and then enter the number you want to send the test message to.

Can I include both shared and unique discount codes in a journey message?

Yes! You can use both, so long as they're part of a non-transactional journey.

Why can’t I add discount codes to transactional journeys?

Transactional journeys can only include information about the status of a customer’s order or subscription, and can't include any kind of marketing content. Because offering discount codes is a type of marketing, you can’t include them in transactional journeys.

What happens if a subscriber already received a discount code from the existing offer I chose?

This depends on the distribution window of the offer (see Offer distribution). If the previous code is still valid (hasn’t yet been redeemed and is still within the distribution window) at the time of the next message that includes that offer, the subscriber will receive the previous code again. If the previous code has been redeemed, or expired, the subscriber will receive a new code.

Can I link to a coupon display screen (CDS) from a non-welcome journey message?

No, the {{subscriber.signupOffer.code}} macro is only available in welcome journeys.

If using the {{subscriber.signupOffer.code}} in multiple welcome journey messages, keep the following in mind:

  • You may only have one active CDS at a time.
  • The copy on the CDS should be generic enough that it makes sense in all scenarios that it'll be used in.
  • The CTA destination won't be unique, so it'll take subscribers to whatever destination already exists on the CDS.
  • UTM tracking won't be distinguishable by message.

Can I use an auto-apply link within a non-welcome journey message?

Yes! If your site supports auto-apply links like Shopify, then you can use {{subscriber.signupOffer.link}} in non-welcome journeys. Remember: the auto-apply URL must be set in the discount code itself before you can use this option.

Also, if you’re using Shopify, you can both auto-apply the discount code and direct the subscriber to their dynamic cart page with the following URL format: https://www.DOMAIN.com/discount/{{offer.code}}?redirect=/cart?utm_source=attentive&utm_medium=sms&utm_campaign=cart_abandon

Note: This format overrides the default URL format, which goes to the homepage.

Can I add more than one discount code to a single message?

Yes! However, note that integrated offers are incompatible with campaigns. You'll have to use unique or static offers instead.

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