FAQs: Winback journeys

What are winback journeys?

Winback journeys try to win back subscribers who are at risk of churning using artificial intelligence.

What does a winback journey look like?

Winback journeys are triggered when subscribers do not purchase anything from you for at least 45 days. They consist of two messages, separated by a fifteen day wait step, and are paired with an incentive like an offer or a discount. The messages are:

  1. We miss you! Have you seen our new collection? Shop now with [insert incentive here]
  2. Hey you! We’ve got new product dropping every week. Shop now: [insert link]

You can customize the messages that are sent, but you’ll see the best conversion results if you pair winback journey messages with an offer. However, you cannot edit the 45-day minimum no-purchase window that triggers the journey.

Note: You can use unique or shared discount codes with winback journeys, but not integrated offers like Shopify auto-gen offer codes. Because winback journeys may trigger for multiple subscribers at the same time, price drop messages could get dropped if the offer depletes more quickly than it can be replenished.

How does Attentive know which subscribers are at risk of churning?

For each of your subscribers, we review how many purchases they made, when they made them, and how much each transaction was worth. Then, we estimate subscriber engagement in the future, like how many purchases they will make, when we think their next purchase will be, and how much we think their next purchase will be worth.

The least engaged of your subscribers -- or those who made the fewest, most infrequent, and lowest value transactions -- are marked as at risk of churning.

Can subscribers who have never purchased anything in the past enter a winback journey?

No. Winback journeys only try to win back subscribers who have purchased at least one item from you in the past. If a subscriber has never purchased anything from you, they will never enter a winback journey.

How many messages can I expect winback journeys to send?

At most, 1% of your total subscribers can enter a winback journey per day.

Will a winback journey send multiple messages to the same, at risk subscribers?

No. To prevent spamming subscribers, only one message is sent to individual subscribers every six weeks. If the subscriber remains at risk after six weeks, they are sent another winback journey message.


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