Add a virtual contact card to a message

After you set up a virtual contact card, you can add it to a welcome journey. When subscribers click the virtual contact card button, your company is added as a contact to their mobile device.

By default, welcome journeys automatically include a virtual contact card in the first Send text message step after the Send welcome text message step.


If you removed the virtual contact card from your welcome journey, or you want to add it to another message in a journey:

  1. Create a new journey or open a journey to which you want to add a virtual contact card.
  2. Add a Send text message step to your journey, or select the one to which you want to add a virtual contact card.
  3. Click the + icon, and select Virtual contact card.
    A small icon in the lower-left corner of your message indicates that you successfully added a virtual contact card to your message.

Note: A contact card sends as a MMS message.


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