Use Cart URL personalizations in journey messages

To help encourage subscribers to complete purchases, add the {{subscriber.cartLink}} link to email and SMS journey messages to take subscribers directly to their shopping carts on your site. To use this link, you must first specify the URL of your site’s shopping cart so that subscribers see their unique carts when they click the link.

  • The {{subscriber.cartLink}} link works best for brands on Shopify. If your brand isn’t on Shopify, you can still use this link, but your subscribers may not see their saved shopping carts when they click the link. For example, they may not see their saved carts if they open the link on a different device or in a different browser from when they originally added items to their cart.
  • {{subscriber.cartLink}}behavior differs if your store is on Shopify:
    • If your store is on Shopify: We’ll replace the {{subscriber.cartLink}}with a subscriber-specific Shopify Cart permalink, which takes subscribers to the first step of checkout with their unique, dynamic shopping cart pre-loaded. Any items the subscriber added after the message was sent will appear in their cart when they click the Shopify Cart permalink. If we can’t generate the Shopify Cart permalink, the static cart link in the Cart URL field is used instead.
    • If your store is not on Shopify: {{subscriber.cartLink}} takes subscribers to the static cart link in the Cart URL field, which may not always show items subscribers have added to their carts.
  • The {{subscriber.cartLink}} link works best with Attentive’s prebuilt cart abandonment journeys or custom journeys that start with the Added to cart trigger. This is because subscribers enter cart abandonment journeys only after they’ve added an item to their shopping carts. While you can use {{subscriber.cartLink}} with other kinds of journeys, such as browse abandonment, the link may take subscribers to empty carts.

Set up your site’s Cart URL

To add {{subscriber.cartLink}} to journey messages, you’ll first need to set up your site's Cart URL:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. In the Cart URL field on the Company page, enter the URL that takes subscribers to their unique shopping carts on your site. Use the following format:
    The Cart URL field on the Company page under Settings.
  3. Click Save.

Add a cart link to journey messages

Follow these steps to add a cart link to a journey message:

  1. Go to Journeys.
  2. Create or edit a journey where you’d like to include the cart URL in a message.
  3. In the journey builder, click the Send text message step for the message where you’d like to add the URL.
  4. Add a link to your message using {{subscriber.cartLink}}.
    Alt text: A text message in a journey with the {{subscriber.Cartlink}} dynamic link.

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