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Prebuilt journeys give you access to workflows that have been vetted for performance and best practices by the experts at Attentive. With just a few clicks, you can use prebuilt journeys to build high-performing messaging workflows quickly and easily.


When you build a new prebuilt journey, all of the heavy lifting is already done for you—you won’t need to worry about how long your wait steps are or when you should add a branch. Instead, you can focus on what you do best: writing great messages to your subscribers.

With an eCommerce integration or the Product Catalog API, you can input product data to incorporate product attributes in your subscriber segments or journey branches. This allows you to create product-change triggered journeys. For more information, see Use your product data in Attentive.

You should know

  • Although prebuilt journeys come with prewritten messages, you can customize them to better suit the needs of your business and subscribers.
  • There's only a single prebuilt journey for each type of trigger, but you can customize each journey to suit the exact needs of your business.
  • If you use a prebuilt journey to build a welcome new subscribers journey, you can use it as part of a sign-up flow.
  • Don't see the journey trigger you want to build a journey from? You can build your own custom journey triggers using our Custom Events API.
  • You can view past versions of journeys in the Attentive UI. When viewing past journey versions, you can restore a previous version, clone a version to create a new journey, and remove subscribers from previous active versions. See Journey version management for more information.

Types of journeys

If you're looking for suggestions on what type of journey you should make, check out What kind of journey should I build?

You can use a variety of prebuilt journeys, including:

  • Welcome new subscribers: Message new subscribers with an offer like a discount code when they first opt-in to messaging. For more, check out Welcome journeys.

    Note: You can make new welcome messages only after the White Glove team has built your first welcome message. If you don't already see a welcome journey, contact our White Glove team (
  • Cart abandonment: Message subscribers after they add a product to their cart, but didn’t complete the purchase.
  • Browse abandonment: Message subscribers who viewed a product but didn’t add it to their cart.
  • Post-purchase: Message subscribers after they make a purchase to let them know about new products, sales, or a link to write a review.
  • Back in stock: Send messages to subscribers when specific items are back in stock. For more, see Create a back in stock journey.
  • Shopify transactional journeys: If you're using Shopify, message subscribers to confirm an order, when an order has shipped, and more. For more, check out What are transactional journeys?
  • ReCharge subscription updates: Message subscribers details about their subscription, like subscription started, upcoming charges, or subscription skipped. 
  • Price drop: Overcome price objections by sending subscribers messages letting them know that a product they added to their cart in the past now has a price drop. For more, check out Price drop journeys.
  • Low in stock: Drive revenue by emphasizing the scarcity of products your subscribers have shown interest in, and send them messages to encourage purchase. For more, check out Low inventory journeys.

If you’re already a Journeys pro and don’t want to use a pre-built journey, you can build a new journey from scratch.

Create a new journey

  1. Sign in to Attentive, and go to Journeys.
  2. Click Create Journey ...
    Select a prebuilt journey ...
    A new prebuilt journey opens: 
    A new prebuilt browse abandonment journey in Attentive's journey builder.
  3. You can:
    • Add one or more steps to your journey by clicking the Plus icon + on a step and selecting an action or a rule.
      For more on the different types of steps, see Add steps to a journey.
    • Edit the copy of a text message by clicking the Send text message box in the journey and then adding your own copy.
      For more on sending text messages in a journey, check out Send a text message step.
      Note: After you edit text message copy, don’t forget to click Save!
  4. When you’re done customizing the journey, click Turn on, set the frequency of the journey, and then click Turn on journey.
    You can also click Schedule to activate the journey at a future date and time.

    Once activated, you can see your journey from the Journeys tab. For more, see View a journey’s performance.

Copy a send message step

You can copy a send message step, like sending a text message, from one place in a journey to another. For example, if you want to A/B test a minor variation in a text message, you can copy your original message twice, and then make your changes to the other text message steps.

You can copy a message step to any location in a journey where you can add a send message step.

Note that the keyboard shortcut to copy a send message step is different depending on if you’re on Mac or PC:

  • Mac: <Option> key
  • PC: <Alt> key

To copy a send message step from one place to another:


  1. While signed in to Attentive, go to Journeys and open the journey that includes the message step you want to copy. You can also create a new journey and copy the send message step before you turn the journey on.
  2. Hold down the <Option> key for Mac or <Alt> key for Windows, and then click and drag a send text message step.
  3. While still holding the <Option> or <Alt> key, release the send message step in the location where you want to copy it to.

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