Create a welcome journey

Welcome journeys let you send a triggered message to a subscriber who recently opted in to receive messages from you. Welcome journeys are most often used to send new subscribers offers for your store, but you can also use them to build brand awareness and loyalty, or to just say hello.

You should know

Welcome journeys are very similar to other types of journeys, with some important caveats:

  • Welcome journeys require a sign-up source for their trigger. For more, see What are sign-up flows?
  • Welcome journeys automatically include your virtual contact card in the first Send text message step, after the Send welcome text message step. 
    For more on virtual contact cards, check out Add a virtual contact card to a message.
  • You can create new welcome journeys, but only after your CSM or the White Glove team has built your first welcome journey. You can create a new prebuilt welcome journey (recommended), or from scratch.
  • All welcome journeys include template legal language.
  • You can dynamically include discount codes in the messages sent by your welcome journey.
  • All journeys created before September 30, 2020 are legacy welcome messages. To see the performance of your legacy welcome messages, Generate a report and select Automated Message Performance.

Create a new welcome journey

  1. Create a new prebuilt journey as normal, and select Welcome New Subscribers.
  2. Click on the welcome text message step.
    For more on working with steps, check out Add steps to a journey.
  3. Optionally, edit the text message. To include an offer, click the Offers icon, and then click the type of offer you want to include.
    When you're finished editing, click Save.
  4. Make any other desired changes to your journey and then click Activate.
  5. Click the Signed Up icon at the top of your welcome journey ...
    And then click the Subscribers link at the top of the Sign-up sources panel.
  6. Find the sign-up unit you want to use with this journey, click the three dots menu, and select Edit.
    If you don’t already have a sign-up source you want to use with your journey, check out Create new sign-up units before proceeding.
  7. From the Welcome journey dropdown, select the journey you want to apply this sign-up unit to.
  8. Finalize and activate the sign-up unit. Your welcome journey is active, and you can now view its performance.

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