Create a custom journey

Journeys come with a series of prebuilt journeys from the pros at Attentive to boost conversion rates and engagement. But if you’re already a pro and know exactly what you want your journey to do, then you can build a custom journey from the ground up. 

Don't see the trigger you want? You can build your own custom journey triggers using our Custom Events API.

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Create a custom journey

Custom journeys revolve around triggers and steps. When a customer meets a certain trigger—like signing up for messaging or viewing a product—their journey begins. To create a custom journey:

  1. Sign in to Attentive, and go to Journeys.
  2. Click Create journey.
  3. Click the Custom Journey tile ...
    And then choose an action to trigger the journey, and then click Get Started. For more on which triggers you can use, check out Available triggers in journeys.
    Your new journey appears.
  4. Add each step you want to include in your journey by clicking the plus icon ( + ) in the journey map and selecting an action or a rule. Don’t forget to add the End journey step at the end!
    For more on the different types of steps, check out Add steps to a journey.
  5. Once you’re done adding steps, click Turn on or Schedule.
    image 167 (1).png
    When you click Turn on, a popup window opens. Set the frequency for your journey, and click Turn on journey.
    You can also schedule a journey to activate it at a future date and time. 

    Once activated, you can see your journey from the Journeys tab. For more, see View a journey’s performance.

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