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You can connect Attentive with Satisfi Labs to forward all SMS messages received from a subscriber to your Satisfi Labs account. This allows the Satisfi Labs virtual assistant to reply back to customers directly through SMS.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements in order to set up this integration:

  • A Satisfi Labs account
  • Your company must have at least one affiliate user in Attentive so that authentication with our APIs can occur and your messages can be sent successfully. Contact our White Glove team ( if you need to confirm.

Now, complete the following procedures to set up the integration.

Step 1. Collect Satisfi Labs information

Contact your account representative at Satisfi Labs and ask for the following information:

  • API Key
  • Company ID
  • Bot ID

Save this information in a safe location because it must be used in the next step.

Step 2. Set up the integration in Attentive

Now, complete the following procedure to set up the integration in Attentive:

  1. Navigate to the integrations setup page and select Satisfi Labs.
  2. Enter the following details that you previously collected in Step 1:
    • Satisfi Labs Token (also known as the API Key)
    • Satisfi Labs Company Id
    • Satisfi Labs Bot Id
  3. Confirm that the Support Confirmation setting is disabled (X), as shown in the following image.
    • Important! This setting needs to be disabled in order to seamlessly send virtual assistant messages from Satisfi Labs to your customers.
  4. Click Set up integration. Your Satisfi Labs account is now connected to Attentive.

Step 3. Generate the webhook URL and share it with Satisfi Labs

After you set up the integration in Attentive, you need to generate the webhook URL. This webhook URL enables Satisfi Labs to configure your account to pass information back to Attentive. Complete the following steps:

  1. Go to your connected Satisfi Labs integration on the integrations setup page.
  2. Scroll to the Generate Attentive Token section and click Generate Url.
    The Generate Attentive Token window appears.
  3. Click Copy in the window.
  4. Paste and store the copied webhook URL in a safe location.
  5. Contact your account representative at Satisfi Labs and provide them with this webhook URL.

Step 4. Disable the Attentive autoresponder

In order to seamlessly send messages from Satisfi Labs to your customers, the default autoresponder in Attentive needs to be disabled. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab and click Messages.
  2. Scroll to the Autoresponders section.
  3. Disable (uncheck) the Default Reply checkbox.
    The autoresponder message field is grayed out.
  4. Click Save settings.
    The Attentive autoresponder is now disabled.

Step 5. Update your Satisfi Labs responses for SMS

It is recommended to update your No Match response to include best practice SMS language because your Satisfi Labs account is delivering responses through SMS.

Anytime a subscriber doesn’t receive a dedicated response, it’s best to inform them of:

  • Another way to get their question answered
  • How to unsubscribe

Here is an example of an SMS response:

Step 6. Test the integration

Your SMS program must be launched before this integration can start sending messages and before one can test the integration. After your SMS program is launched and if you just set up the integration, wait approximately ten minutes to allow for the settings in both systems to synchronize. Then, complete the following procedure to test the integration:

  1. Send a text message to your dedicated number. For example, “Where can I purchase a snack?”
  2. Log in to Satisfi Labs and click Inbox in the upper-right corner.
  3. Confirm that you received the text message in your inbox.
  4. Confirm that you received the Satisfi Labs virtual assistant message as a text message.


We’re here to help! Contact our White Glove team ( to ask about the Attentive + Satisfi Labs integration.

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