Configure Concierge journeys to collect data

As you create and manage your Concierge journeys, we recommend that you adopt one of the following methods for tracking performance:

  • Add a variation in you A/B test that doesn’t use Concierge
  • Add custom UTMs to dynamic content

Add a variation in your A/B test that doesn’t use Concierge

We recommend that you create A/B tests to test how variations of your initial Concierge message perform. In that test, add a variation that doesn’t include Concierge-related content. This will allow you to assess whether or not Concierge agents improve journey performance, and by what measure.

Follow the instructions below to add 3 Concierge variations, and 1 non-Concierge variation to your A/B test:

  1. On the Journeys page, click + Create Journey.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, create a Concierge site visitor journey. Then, open it.
  3. Click the A/B test step.
  4. In the panel, click Add variation to add the 4th variation to the test.
  5. Click Save. Your A/B test now has 4 variations.
  6. Hover your cursor over the new variation and click + > Send text message.
  7. Design the campaign message to exclude Concierge information. Make sure to include a link to your website.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Turn on your journey.

After you turn the journey on, 25% of subscribers who enter the journey will receive the campaign message you just configured. Use this message to test the performance of Concierge messages compared to normal ones.

Add custom UTMs to dynamic content

You can build a custom UTM for each product link that Concierge agents send. This allows you to track click-through rates for each message, and iterate as necessary. In order to correctly attribute which messages are most successful, it’s important to have a UTM name for each one. This will allow you to track and compare each link’s success.

Pro Tip: We recommend creating a naming scheme to best track the links. For example, if the scheme is JourneyName - StepType - Number, the first UTM in the Forward to Concierge step is site-visit-forward-1, and the first UTM in the dynamic content that Concierge agents send would be site-visit-concierge-1.

Follow the instructions below to add your custom UTM to your Concierge journey:

  1. On the Journeys page, create or open a Concierge journey.
  2. Click the first Send text message step that includes the {{}} macro.
  3. Click the {{}} macro. The Edit dynamic link window opens.
  4. Below UTM campaign, append the name with a number or brief description of the destination. The name that is the name of the associated Send text message step.
  5. Click Update. On the Send text message panel, click Save.
  6. Repeat steps 2 - 5 for each {{}} macro in your journey.
  7. Turn on your journey.

Whenever a subscriber clicks a {{}} in this journey, you can attribute it to a specific message.

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