Concierge reports and metrics

Attentive includes a suite of reports with which you can assess the performance of your Concierge program or Concierge agents. You can access this data in the Reports library, and export the data as a CSV file that opens in a spreadsheet.

Note: Concierge reporting data is only available for dates after February 2, 2022.

Access your Concierge reports

On the Reports tab, go to the Concierge tile. Then, click the link to the report you’d like to view. The reports displayed vary depending on your account settings.

Note: Concierge conversations end 48 hours after subscribers receive the last message sent by a Concierge agent.

The following Concierge reports are available:

  • Concierge Performance Summary: Conversions, revenue, and general productivity data attributed to your Concierge agents. Use it to understand the business and revenue impact of your Concierge program.
  • Concierge Conversation Summary: Data regarding conversations your Concierge agents are having across different types of messaging. Use it to understand where most of your Concierge agents are spending their time and which messaging channels perform the best for your brand.
  • Concierge Support Summary: Data from support messages, escalations, and resolutions your agents sent to subscribers. Use it to understand the effectiveness of your Concierge program, and the time your brand saved on support cases.
  • LiveSMS Performance: Displays the amount of conversations that LiveSMS initiated, how much revenue LiveSMS generates, amount of time it’s saving your team, and more.
  • Concierge Performance by Journey: Performance data for each Concierge-enabled journey. Use it to uncover trends, outliers, and discover what is or isn't effective for your brand.

Export your Concierge report

You can export any Concierge report to Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or any other spreadsheet. When you export the report, it preserves the date range that you filter for.

  1. On the Reports tab, go to the Concierge tile.
  2. Click the link of the report you’d like to export.
  3. Optionally, filter the date range to the set of dates you’d like to see reports for.
  4. At the top-right corner, click Export.

Reporting metrics

Consult the table below for a description of each of the rows you see in Concierge reports.


Report availability Description
Concierge Attributable Revenue Performance, LiveSMS, Performance by Journey Revenue from Concierge Conversions
Concierge Outbound Messages Performance, Conversation, Support Count of all messages sent by agents
Concierge CVR LiveSMS, Performance by Journey Concierge Conversions / Conversations
Conversations (sessions) - all sources Performance, Conversation, Support, LiveSMS, Performance by Journey

Count of conversations (sessions) that were started within the report’s date range.

For an interaction to be considered a conversation (session), the following must be true:

  • A subscriber messages a Concierge agent (either self-initiated or prompted by a promotional message)
  • The message isn't part of an already existing conversation (session)
  • The reply is eligible for Concierge (i.e., transactional-only subscribers aren’t eligible)

Conversations (sessions) automatically end 48 hours after the last message.

Conversations (sessions) - campaigns Conversation Count of conversations that began with a campaign.
Conversations (sessions) - journeys Conversation Count of conversations that began with a journey.
Conversations (sessions) -  subscriber-initiated Conversation Count of conversations that were initiated by a subscriber.
Conversations (sessions) - resolved (%) Performance, Support Escalated conversations divided by total conversations.
Concierge Conversions LiveSMS, Performance by Journey Number of conversions that can be attributed to a conversation in the date period.
Date Performance, Conversation, Support Date of the event.
Response Rate Performance, Conversation, Performance by Journey Conversations / Attentive Sends Concierge
Time Saved Performance, Support, LiveSMS Assumes 5 minutes saved per Concierge Outbound Message. Estimate In hours: Concierge outbound messages * 5 / 60

Average Replied Per Conversation

LiveSMS The average number of conversations generated via LiveSMS per day
Escalations LiveSMS The total number of escalations as a result of LiveSMS per day.

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