Track new subscribers and revenue from LiveSMS

Your LiveSMS sign-up units connect new and existing subscribers to Concierge agents for conversions. Use this guide to track conversion rates, including new subscribers and revenue associated with your welcome journey.

Track new subscribers from LiveSMS

When a customer (who isn’t a subscriber) opts-in to receive messages from your Concierge agent, they also agree to receive marketing texts from you, converting them to a subscriber. However, not everyone who messages an agent is a new subscriber.

Follow the instructions below to view the number of new subscribers associated with your LiveSMS unit:

  1. On the Sign-up Units page, search for your Live SMS unit.
  2. Navigate to the Subscribers column. This column displays the number of new subscribers your LiveSMS unit has collected.

After your LiveSMS unit collects subscribers, they enter your LiveSMS welcome journey.

For more information on these metrics, see Reports Library. For a summary of your LiveSMS unit’s performance, see Concierge reports and metrics.

Track messages and revenue from your LiveSMS welcome journey

When new subscribers opt in to receive messages from you via your LiveSMS sign-up unit, they automatically enter your LiveSMS welcome journey. This allows Concierge agents to send them product recommendations, incentives, and support for future shopping experiences.

You can access these metrics from the Journeys page, where they display on your Welcome Subscribers - LiveSMS tile.

  • ENTERED: Number of subscribers who entered this journey. These are customers who weren’t subscribers before.
  • SENT: Number of messages sent that didn’t come from Concierge agents. These include regular Send text message steps in your journey.
  • REVENUE: Profits attributed to this welcome journey.
  • CTR: Click-through rate of this journey.

For more information:

If you’d like to view more Concierge reports, see Concierge reports and metrics, or contact your CSM for additional metrics.

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