Concierge report metrics

Consult the table below for a description of each of the rows you see in Concierge reports.


Report availability


Concierge Attributable Revenue

Performance, LiveSMS, Performance by Journey

Revenue from Concierge Conversions

Concierge Outbound Messages Performance, Conversation, Support Count of all messages sent by agents
Concierge CVR LiveSMS, Performance by Journey Concierge Conversions / Conversations
Conversations (All sources) Performance, Conversation, Support, LiveSMS, Performance by Journey

Count of conversations (sessions) that were started in the date range. A conversation is started when both of the following are true:

  • A subscriber messages a Concierge agent
  • The message isn't part of an already existing conversation

Conversations automatically end 48 hours after last message received by subscriber.

Conversations (Campaigns) Conversation

Count of conversations that began with a campaign.

Conversations (Journeys) Conversation Count of conversations that began with a journey.
Conversations (Subscriber Initiated) Conversation Count of conversations that were initiated by a subscriber.
Conversations Resolved (%) Performance, Support Escalated conversations divided by total conversations.
Concierge Conversions LiveSMS, Performance by Journey Count of conversions that can be attributed to a conversation in the date period. 
Date Performance, Conversation, Support The date.
Response Rate Performance, Conversation, Performance by Journey Conversations / Attentive Sends excl Concierge
Time Saved Performance, Support, LiveSMS

Assumes 5 minutes saved per Concierge Outbound Message.

In hours: Concierge outbound messages * 5 / 60

Note that this is an estimate.

Average Replied Per Conversation



The average number of conversations generated via LiveSMS per day

Escalations LiveSMS

The total number of escalations as a result of LiveSMS per day.

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