Schedule a Magic Composer campaign

All campaign messages you send to subscribers are scheduled for a specific date and time. If your campaign has multiple messages, you can send one message every five minutes.

When you schedule a campaign message you set the:

  • Date: The calendar date for your message to be sent. You can use today’s date or dates in the future.
  • Time: The time of day you want your message to be sent.

    Note: You can’t schedule more than one message to be sent at the same time within the same campaign. If you want to send multiple campaign messages at the same date and time, create a new campaign for each.
  • HQ or subscriber timezone: Whether to use your HQ’s timezone (configured in Company Settings), or the subscriber’s local timezone for send times. Learn more about subscriber local timezones.


Schedule messages at a subscriber’s local time

You can optionally schedule messages to send based on the timezone of each subscriber. Select Subscriber’s local time if you want each subscriber to receive your message at the same time, regardless of their timezone.

When we don’t know a US subscriber’s time zone, send times are selected to ensure messages aren’t sent too early or too late in the day. If we don’t know a subscriber’s timezone and the send time of a timezone-relative campaign is:

  • Before 12 PM: Subscribers without a known timezone will default to sending the message in PT.
  • After 5 PM: Subscribers without a known timezone will default to sending the message in ET.
  • For any other time: Subscribers without a known timezone will be sent the message at with your company's timezone.

If we do know the subscriber’s timezone, your campaign will begin sending at the selected time at the subscriber’s local time.

Note that if your campaign has Smart Sending enabled (which is recommended for most messages), subscribers who received a different message from you within the Smart Sending window won’t be sent a new message until the end of the Smart Sending period. By default, Smart Sending is 8 hours.

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