FAQs: List growth and incentives

What incentives work best to drive text message sign-ups?

Almost all of our clients offer their customers some sort of discount (either a percentage or dollar amount) to incentivize them to sign up for texts. Incentives have been proven to lead to much higher sign-up rates. We've also found that text as a channel is much more effective than email for getting people to redeem their sign-up offer.

If you can't offer a discount, we recommend running some sort of giveaway. This form of incentive leads to the next best sign-up rates and is relatively inexpensive. If you choose to set up a giveaway, we need you to provide us with a link to the giveaway terms (or send us the actual terms for us to host).

If you can't offer a discount or run a giveaway, the best option is to offer your customers “Secret Deals” or “Exclusive Offers,” or let them "Be the first to know."

Can I change sign-up units for a holiday or special event?

Yes, our team can make new sign-up units for you and swap them out at the appropriate time. Because there is some level of testing involved, our team makes those changes manually, so we prefer to have advance notice of sign-up unit changes. If you would like to schedule sign-up unit changes, please reach out to the White Glove team (whiteglove@attentivemobile.com).

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