FAQs: Sign-up unit schedules

As you create your sign-up unit schedule, use this guide to answer common questions.

Can I schedule an A/B test?

At this time, you cannot schedule an A/B test sign-up unit. However, after you run your A/B test, you can include those units in your schedule. Make sure to contact your CSM and end the A/B test so you can add the units to your schedule.

Can I schedule a landing page?

No; landing pages must be activated and deactivated manually. This is because you configure how and when a landing page URL gets promoted. Unlike most sign-up units, landing pages aren’t hosted by Attentive, thus if a visitor clicks a link to an inactive landing page, they’re directed to your homepage.

Can I have multiple schedules at a given time?

Yes, however these schedules must contain different sign-up units. This is because one sign-up unit can’t be in multiple schedules with overlapping dates.

What happens at the end of a scheduled date range?

At the end of the schedule, the sign-up unit enters the after status, which is the same as the status it had before the schedule.

Can I end a running schedule early?

Yes, you can end a running schedule before the end time you configured. On the Sign-up units page, click the three dot menu. Then, choose whether the schedule reverts to the original status, or retains the remainder of the settings from this schedule.

What happens if I add sign-up units to a live schedule?

Those sign-up units immediately have the during status, indicating that the sign-up unit is currently active and on the website.

My schedule is showing some errors. How do I resolve them?

Please see Schedule a sign-up unit for more information.

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