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When you’re preparing for a peak shopping period, like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, a holiday, or a flash sale, you’ll likely want to swap out your currently running sign-up units for special ones you’ve created for these occasions. Attentive lets you schedule these sign-up units in advance and have them automatically update during these key periods. After that time, you can go back to displaying your original sign-up unit or schedule a new one.

In addition, you have control over which sign-up unit(s) you want to pause during special periods and for how long.

Note: If you don't see the ability to schedule sign-up units, contact White Glove (


Note: You don’t need to manually adjust the status of the sign-up units you’re scheduling. The scheduler tool automatically activates or pauses the sign-up units you indicate in your schedule at the scheduled date/time.

Follow these steps to schedule a sign-up unit:

  1. Starting on the Sign-up Units tab, click Schedules.
  2. Click + Create Schedule.


  3. On the Create Schedule window:
    1. Enter a name for the schedule.
    2. Select which sign-up unit(s) you want to activate during the special period.
    3. (Optional) Select which sign-up unit(s) you want to pause during that period.
    4. Enter a start date and time.
    5. (Optional) If you want to revert to your previous sign-up unit at the end of the special period, slide the Stop date toggle on, and enter a stop date and time.
      Note: If you want to switch to a new sign-up unit after the special period, leave this turned off.
    6. (Optional) Select a different offer display screen to activate with this scheduled sign-up unit if you don’t want to use the one currently being displayed.
  4. Click Create.


    The Schedules grid now shows your newly created schedule, including the time period when the schedule will be active, which sign-up unit(s) and associated journeys will be active and paused, and the offer display screen you selected.


    The images below show how scheduled sign-up units look in the Sign up method table before and during the schedule period.

    Sign-up unit waiting to be activated at the scheduled time
    Remember: Don’t activate or deactivate any scheduled sign-up units now. The scheduler tool automatically activates or pauses them at the scheduled start time/date.


    Sign-up unit that’s been activated by the schedule


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