Archive sign-up units

You can archive your sign-up units to hide inactive and outdated units from the table. This allows you to organize and easily find the sign-up units you need. All archived sign-up units retain performance data and historical reporting.

Important to note - You can't do the following to sign-up units:

  • Archive sign-up units that are part of an active A/B test
  • Archive integration-type sign-up units (Shopify checkout, Recharge, and so on)
  • Archive sign-up units marked as Active. They need to be deactivated first.
  • Archive sign-up units marked as Draft. Drafts can only be deleted.
  • Permanently delete archived sign-up units
  • Reactivate archived sign-up units
  • Copy archived sign-up units
  • Edit archived sign-up units

Note: If you need to unarchive a sign-up unit, contact our White Glove team ( to resolve this issue.

To archive a sign-up unit:

  1. Navigate to the Sign-up Units tab.
  2. Find the sign-up unit you want to archive. (For help filtering and sorting the list, see Search for a sign-up unit.)
  3. Click the three dots at the end of the row you want to edit.
  4. Select Archive from the menu options.


  5. On the confirmation window, click Archive.


    A success message displays, and the sign-up unit is now archived.


View archived sign-up units

After you archive a sign-up unit, you can access a list of your archived units to view performance data or for historical purposes.

To view archived sign-up units:

  1. Navigate to the Sign-up Units tab.
  2. Click the three dots next to the All Statuses drop-down and select Archive


    The Archive page displays with your list of archived units.
  3. (Optional) Click in search box above the Sign-up method table and enter a string of text in the field.
    The table starts to filter the units based on the string of text.


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