Create offers with Shopify

With the Attentive and Shopify integration, you can sync unique discount codes directly from Shopify into an offer in Attentive. You can also upload bulk-generated discount codes created in Shopify or create an offer that matches a shared discount code from Shopify.

Note: After creating an offer within Shopify, you'll need to mark Attentive as a sales channel in order to “activate” the offer on Attentive’s end. To do so, follow the instructions from Shopify.

Create an offer with auto-generated unique discount codes from Shopify

Follow the steps below to create an offer that gets unique, automatically-generated discount codes from Shopify.

  1. On the Offers page, click + Create offer.
  2. In the Choose an offer type window, click Select next to Integrated discount codes.

    Note: This option doesn’t appear if you haven’t yet set up an integration with Shopify.
    Clicking + Create offer on the Offers page and clicking Select next to Integrated discount codes. The Create integrated discount codes page appears.
  3. Enter a Discount name. We recommend using the same name that you use for the discount in Shopify.
  4. In the External ID field, enter the external ID of the discount from your Shopify account.
    • To find a discount’s external ID, go to the Discounts page in Shopify and click on the discount you want to use. The string of numbers at the end of the URL is the external ID. Copy and paste this number into the External ID field in Attentive.
      The external ID highlighted in the URL of a discount in Shopify.
  5. In the Code format field, create a code format with no spaces that contains {RAND}. When subscribers receive a code, {RAND} is replaced by six random characters.

    Example: SAVE10{RAND}
  6. (Optional) Enter a Description.
  7. (Optional) Click Add auto-apply link to automatically apply the discount at checkout, then complete the following:
    • Destination URL: Enter the link where your subscribers should be sent. Include {{}} (for welcome journeys) or {{offer.code}} where you want the discount code to appear in the URL.

      Example: https://{shopname}{{offer.code}}
      You can add this URL to messages by clicking the offer button in the message composer and clicking {{}}. See the instructions for creating campaign and journey messages for more information.
    • Add UTM parameters: Add UTM parameters you want to append to the link.

      Note: UTM_Source and UTM_Medium may already be filled out based on your Google Analytics configuration. See FAQ for more information.
  8. Click Create.
  9. Wait approximately 5–10 minutes to ensure that discount codes are being generated.

    Note: New discount codes are automatically generated once you reach 1,000 remaining.

After you’ve created your new offer, you can add it to welcome journeys and other kinds of journeys.

Note: If you're not seeing discount codes being generated, remember to mark Attentive as a sales channel on the discount in Shopify in order to “activate” the offer on Attentive’s end. To do so, follow the instructions from Shopify. Selecting Attentive as the sales channel in Shopify.

Create an offer with unique discount codes from Shopify

If you want to use unique, bulk-generated discount codes from Shopify, you can upload a CSV file with those codes to Attentive. See Create unique discount codes for more information.

Create an offer with a shared discount code from Shopify

After you create a discount with a discount code in Shopify (e.g., SPRING10 for 10% off your purchase), create a new shared discount code in Attentive and use the code from Shopify as its Discount code. See Create a shared discount code for more information.

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