Personalize your message with dynamic content

If you use Shopify + Attentive, you can personalize your campaign and journey messages with dynamic variables, such as {firstName}, {productName}, and {orderNumber}. Subscribers will see their personalized information in place of the variable.

The example below retrieves the subscriber’s name, order number, and tracking information from their Shopify account.

Your message: What the subscriber sees:
Hey {firstName}, thanks for shopping with us! Your order number is {orderNumber} and it'll be on its way shortly. To track your order, see: {orderStatusLink} Offers By Text: Hey Dan, thanks for shopping with us! Your order number is 12345 and it'll be on its way shortly. To track your order, see:

If your Shopify store doesn't have the associated information for the subscriber, the message doesn't send. This doesn't apply to {firstName} {lastName} and {fullName} variables; those are left blank if Shopify doesn't have the information.

To build your own variable, see What are custom journey triggers?

Dynamic content

Below is a list of dynamic content that you can use in your campaigns. Please note that some dynamic content is limited to specific journey types.

  • {billingPageLink} - Link to the subscriptions billing page
  • {checkoutLink} - Link to the checkout page
  • {Coupon} - Code for the offer
  • {couponLink} - Link to your store with the offer already applied
  • {couponScreenLink} - Link to the offer screen
  • {firstName} - Subscriber’s first name (if stored in Shopify)
  • {fullName} - Subscriber’s first and last name (if stored in Shopify)
  • {lastName} - Subscriber’s last name (if stored in Shopify)
  • {nextChargeDate} - Date of the next subscription rebill
  • {orderNumber} - Subscriber’s most recent order number
  • {orderStatusLink} - Link to the order status page
  • {productLink} - Link to the product page in your Shopify store
  • {productName} - Name of the Shopify product
  • {productNames} - Name of the subscription product
  • {refundAmount} - Amount refunded, including the currency symbol
  • {trackingLink} - Link to a tracking page for the subscriber’s order
  • {trackingNumber} - Tracking number associated with the order
  • {unsubscribe} - Message copy informing subscribers how they can unsubscribe from messages from you

With an eCommerce integration or the Product Data API, you can input product data to incorporate product attributes in your subscriber segments or journey branches. This allows you to create product-change triggered journeys. 

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