Message opt-out language

This documentation applies to brands using toll-free numbers.

Consistent with AT&T carrier guidance, brands using toll-free numbers for SMS marketing are required to include opt-out instructions in each message that you send to AT&T subscribers. To comply with this, Attentive automatically includes template opt-out instructions. These are only included in messages that AT&T subscribers receive.

By default, the opt-out language included in messages sent to AT&T toll-free subscribers is: Stop to stop. You can customize the copy and the keyword that subscribers send to unsubscribe.

Opt-out terms

If you decide to change the default opt-out language, you must inform subscribers that they may opt-out by sending a keyword automatically recognized by the carriers. Only the following terms are recognized as opt-out keywords. Make sure to include one in your opt-out copy.

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

Opt-out keywords aren’t case-sensitive and don’t require punctuation marks. For example, if your opt-out keyword is “STOP”, subscribers can reply with STOP, Stop, or stop to unsubscribe to messaging from you.

Change your default opt-out language

When you change your opt-out language, make sure that the copy matches the keyword that you use. We recommend keeping the opt-out language as short as possible to avoid being billed for multiple messages. Example opt-out copy includes:

  • Text “STOP” to stop
  • Text STOP to stop
  • UNSUBSCRIBE to stop receiving messages from us

When you configure your opt-out language, make sure it matches your opt-out keyword.

Follow the instructions below to change your opt-out language:

  1. Go to Message Settings.
  2. Scroll to Unsubscribe messages.
  3. Enter your desired default opt-out language. Make sure to include a valid opt-out term.
  4. Click Save settings in the bottom-right corner.

Each campaign message you send to an AT&T subscriber from a toll-free number will now automatically include your new opt-out language.

Preview and test your opt-out language

As you design your message, make sure to include the {unsubscribe} macro to incorporate opt-out language into your campaign or triggered message. Then, when you design or review the message, you can send yourself a test message to test what subscribers see.


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