Message opt-out language

Consistent with AT&T carrier guidance, brands using toll-free numbers for SMS marketing are required to include opt-out instructions in each message sent to AT&T subscribers.

If you’re using a toll-free number, all text messages that you send to AT&T subscribers are automatically appended with opt-out language. If a subscriber replies to a message from you with an opt-out term, they're unsubscribed from messages from you. You can’t remove opt-out language from messages sent to AT&T subscribers from toll-free numbers.

By default, the opt-out language included in messages sent to AT&T toll-free subscribers is Stop to stop. Optionally, you can customize the opt-out language appended to messages.

When writing campaign text messages with Magic Composer or a journey text message in a Send text message step, use the Unsubscribe preview to see your message with opt-out language. Note that opt-out language won’t appear in the message composer itself, only in the message preview.

You can preview opt-out languge for both campaign messages:

Character and message counter with unsubscribe preview in a campaign message

And journey messages:

mCharacter and message counter with unsubscribe preview in a journey message

The Unsubscribe preview is available for both campaign and journey text messages.

When opt-out language is appended to your messages, each character is added to the existing character count for your text message. When enabled, the Unsubscribe preview updates the character counter for AT&T subscribers. If the appended opt-out language increases the number of message segments of your message, the cost of sending your message may increase.

Using the Unsubscribe preview to see if opt out language will increase the number of message segments

Opt-out terms

If you decide to change the default opt-out language, you must inform subscribers that they may opt-out by sending a keyword automatically recognized by the carriers. Only the following terms are recognized as opt-out keywords. You must include one of the following in your opt-out copy:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

Opt-out keywords aren’t case-sensitive and don’t require punctuation marks. For example, if your opt-out keyword is STOP, subscribers can reply with STOP, Stop, or stop to unsubscribe from messaging from you.

Change your default opt-out language

When you change your opt-out language, make sure that it includes one of the required opt-out terms. We recommend keeping opt-out language as short as possible to avoid being billed for multiple messages. Example opt-out copy includes:

  • Text “STOP” to stop
  • Text STOP to stop
  • UNSUBSCRIBE to stop receiving messages from us

To change your opt-out language:

  1. Go to Message Settings.
  2. Scroll to Unsubscribe messages.
  3. Enter your desired default opt-out language. Make sure to include a valid opt-out term.
  4. Click Save settings in the bottom-right corner.

Each campaign and journey message you send to an AT&T subscriber from a toll-free number will now automatically include your new opt-out language.

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