How can I use Attentive Concierge™ for my brand?

This article assumes that you’ve both completed Attentive Concierge onboarding and configured all of the required Concierge configuration steps. If you haven’t already, you should check out the following before proceeding:

Now that you’ve completed Attentive Concierge onboarding, it’s time for us to showcase some of our favorite ways to use Concierge. Whether you want to build complex, triggered journeys that react and adapt to subscriber behavior or just want to make it super easy for subscribers to get SMS-based help while looking at your store, Concierge has something for your brand.

Some of our favorite ways to use Concierge include:

LiveSMS sign-up units

Collect more messaging subscribers from your store, or offer product support, recommendations, and great conversations with the tap of a button.
Want to learn more? Check out Create a LiveSMS sign-up unit.

LiveSMS landing pages

Build custom landing pages where customers can subscribe to messages from you or ask questions and get super-fast, personalized support from Concierge agents.
Want to learn more? Check out Create a LiveSMS landing page and some of our favorite LiveSMS landing page use cases.

Triggered Concierge journeys

Send triggered messages that change and adapt based on subscriber actions. As with Concierge campaigns, when subscribers reply to a journey message you send them, they’ll kick off a conversation with a Concierge agent.
Want to learn more? Check out Create an Attentive Concierge journey.

One-time Concierge message campaigns

Send one-time message campaigns to subscribers, letting them know about special offers, product drops, events, and more. To help make sure you’re writing great messages, we’ll also show you key things you should include in every text message.

Want to learn more? Check out Send a Concierge campaign.

Concierge campaign follow-up messages

Add a follow-up message to your campaigns, sending a reminder prompt to subscribers that help, product recommendations, or even discounts are only a text message away.
Want to learn more? Check out Add a Concierge follow-up message to a campaign.

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