Add a Concierge follow-up message to a campaign

This article assumes that you’ve already onboarded with Attentive Concierge™ and understand how Concierge works. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

One of the best ways to boost campaign performance and improve your remarketing efforts is to use Attentive Concierge™ agents. Campaign follow-ups allow you to automatically reconnect with subscribers to uncover and resolve what’s blocking their path to purchase or simply remind them they can text back if they need help.

You can add Concierge follow-up messages to one-time campaigns.

You should know

  • The option to add a Concierge follow-up message to your campaign is in the last step of the campaign builder.
  • Concierge follow-up messages are sent to subscribers who've clicked the first message in your campaign but haven't purchased anything.
  • Your Concierge follow-up appears as its own message on the Campaigns tab, where you can view its performance.
    Concierge follow-up message in Campaigns tab.
  • Concierge follow-up messages work great with Concierge campaign message templates!
    Selecting a Concierge campaign message template.

Add a Concierge follow-up message to a campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns.
  2. Click + Create campaign, and follow the steps to design a campaign as normal.
  3. After you click Choose send time and set when you want to send your campaign, click the Concierge follow up dropdown.
    Concierge follow-up message options.
  4. Make sure Concierge follow up is enabled.
  5. Select the Audience. The default is Concierge VIPs.
  6. Select When to send. You can choose to send the follow-up message 24 or 48 hours after the initial message is sent. The default is 24 hours.
  7. (Optional) Change the Follow up message copy. Make sure to reference your Concierge program or your agent persona’s name.
  8. Click the Schedule button at the bottom.

Your campaign is now either sending or scheduled. You can find it on the Scheduled tab of Campaigns.

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