Create a LiveSMS™ sign-up unit

When you place a LiveSMS sign-up unit on your website, browsers can opt in to messaging and get questions answered in real-time. If a browser is on a mobile device, they can send a text to confirm their opt-in and start the conversation with a Concierge agent. If a browser is on a desktop, they can enter their number to opt in and a Concierge agent can initiate the conversation.

When the browser opts in, they automatically enter a welcome journey. This can be your existing welcome journey, or a LiveSMS-specific welcome journey. Once they opt in to messages and enter the journey, Concierge agents can help create a personalized shopping experience with product recommendations, special offers, and unique customer service.

Note: LiveSMS units don’t replace existing sign-up units. These are intended to give subscribers and new customers an opportunity to reach out with questions. If you’d like to create a LiveSMS sign-up unit for desktops, contact your CSM or

Create a LiveSMS mobile unit

  1. On the Sign-up Units page, click + Create sign-up flow.
  2. On the popup, click Choose template, then Continue.
  3. On the Concierge LiveSMS - Mobile tile, click Start with template. The mobile unit opens with your Brand Kit styles applied.
  4. Below Offer, select the offer you’d like to add when subscribers opt in (if any).
  5. Below SMS Welcome Journey, select the welcome journey subscribers should enter when they subscribe to Concierge.
  6. Next to Display rules, click Edit to configure when and where the mobile unit displays.
    If you’d like to make changes to the design, click Edit Design on the mobile preview.
    • Preview tooltip: Edit the text that appears before customers click on the mobile unit, and if or when it appears.
    • LiveSMS window: Craft the Welcome message and Headline that appear when a customer opens it. Below Display settings, configure when this window appears.
    • Legal language: Update the legal language that appears for this mobile unit. Our team will review any changes to the template legal language.
  7. When you’re satisfied, click Save changes.
  8. On the main configuration page, click Schedule and activate to schedule your sign-up unit.

Customer experience

After you create the LiveSMS unit, the unit displays on your website with a button and discount that incentivizes the customer to send you a text message. After the customer clicks on the unit, the experience differs depending on the device they're on, and whether they’re a current subscriber or not.

Click on the images below to see the customer experience for mobile and desktop devices.

Mobile devices

Desktop browsers

mobile device view

desktop device view

Mobile device experience:

  1. When the customer taps on the mobile unit to opt in to receive texts from your brand, their SMS app opens with a prewritten text. When they send the message to confirm their opt-in, it subscribes them to text messages from your brand.
  2. The message forwards to your Concierge agent, and they offer help with the subscriber’s order, product recommendations, or a special discount

Desktop browser experience:

  1. When a customer clicks on the desktop unit, they manually enter their phone number and click the button to receive a text from a Concierge agent. A confirmation message appears.
  2. The Concierge agent sends them a text to initiate the conversation. If they haven’t confirmed their opt-in to receive texts, the agent prompts them to do so by sending a Reply Y message.
  3. The Concierge agent offers help with the subscriber’s order, product recommendations, or a special discount.

LiveSMS + sign-up units on the same page

You can set your LiveSMS unit to appear on the same pages as your existing sign-up unit. Neither unit interferes with each other, and only one unit expands at a time. First, the sign-up unit appears. Then, when the customer closes it, they see the LiveSMS unit. If both units are collapsed, customers can click to expand either of them.

Click the images below to see the customer experience for sign-up units and LiveSMS units on the same screen.

Customer opens the LiveSMS unit

Customer opens the sign-up unit

customer experience when they open the LiveSMS unit

customer experience when they open the original sign-up unit

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