FAQs: Concierge in journeys

As you incorporate Concierge in your journeys and create journeys from the Concierge templates, use this guide to answer frequently asked questions.

Should I add extra wait times in between Concierge-optimized messages to allow time for conversations?

No, you don’t need to. We recommend applying the same wait times to your Concierge journey as you would to your traditional journeys. If a subscriber starts a conversation with an agent, Attentive doesn’t send additional text message steps until 48 hours after the conversation ends.

What happens if I add a UTM to a Concierge-optimized journey?

When you add a UTM to your journey, the UTM attaches to each link that you share in the journey, such as checkout abandonment links. To track click-through rates, we recommend incorporating a unique UTM for each link in the journey.

Can a subscriber receive a triggered or campaign message while texting a Concierge agent?

If subscribers are in mid-conversation with Concierge, they aren’t eligible to receive other SMS triggered messages until 48 hours after the conversation ends. However, they still can receive campaign messages.

Can I have multiple abandonment touchpoints in a journey?

Yes, however we recommend that you leverage the Site visitor and the Browse abandonment journeys to do so. While the Site visitor journey proactively encourages browsers to convert to buyers, the Browse abandonment journey retroactively re-engages them.

Site visitor

Browse abandonment

Viewed a product

Wait 1 minute

Send message only if user hasn’t added to cart or started checkout

Viewed a product

Wait 30 minutes

Send message only if user hasn’t added to cart or started checkout

Can a subscriber be routed to Concierge during a transactional journey?

Yes, but only if they’ve also subscribed to marketing messages. Because of this, we recommend branching on subscriber type within your transactional journey:

  • Branch 1: Subscribers who are subscribed to promotional and transactional messages.
    • Add a Forward to Concierge step before ending the journey.
  • Branch 2: Subscribers who are only subscribed to transactional messages.
    • End the journey.

How does Concierge work with texted-a-keyword journeys?

The responses that your subscribers send dictate whether they enter a texted-a-keyword journey, or get routed to a Concierge agent.

  Texted-a-keyword Concierge Support team
Subscriber has an open Concierge account  

Subscriber sends an active keyword

Subscriber sends a support keyword    

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