You can leverage Attentive's human-powered Concierge solution with any of your marketing journeys. By default, Concierge is activated for all of your journeys; this allows Concierge agents to see all subscriber responses, with the exception of keywords that trigger actions (e.g., Support and Stop). Because of this, we recommend that you optimize messages in your new and existing journeys.

Concierge-optimized templates

Attentive has launched prebuilt journeys that incorporate best practices. However, all journeys, including custom journeys, will route subscriber responses to Concierge agents, unless you deactivate Concierge for the specific journey.

Our list of optimized journeys includes:

  • Abandoned cart: Follow up with subscribers who’ve added a product to their cart without initiating checkout.
  • High-intent purchases: Send messages to subscribers who have clicked on a link you sent in the past 24 hours, and haven’t completed a purchase.
  • Low inventory: Inform subscribers when there is 10 or less of a product in inventory, and they have added that product to their cart without purchasing in the past 30 days.
  • Post-purchase: Offer incentives to subscribers who recently completed a successful purchase.
  • Price drop: Alert subscribers of an item’s price drop if they have added it to their cart without purchasing in the last 30 days.
  • Shopify checkout abandonment: Follow-up with subscribers who initiated checkout and didn’t complete their purchase. This is only available for Shopify clients.
  • Site visitor: Engage subscribers who have viewed a product but not added to cart within 1 minute. This is different from browse abandonment journeys, which have typically longer wait periods.
  • VIP Journeys: Target your most engaged subscribers (any who’ve completed a purchase in the past 12 months) with exclusive upsells and cross-sells, unique offers, and customized experiences

Create a journey with a Concierge-optimized template

Follow the instructions below to create a journey using one of Attentive's Concierge-optimized templates listed above. 

  1. On the Journeys page, go to the Explore prebuilt journeys tab.
  2. Turn on the Concierge optimized toggle.
  3. Select from the Concierge optimized prebuilt tiles. See the list of Concierge-optimized journeys above for more information. 
  4. Click each Send text message step to customize the messaging.
  5. When you’re ready, click Turn on in the top-right corner to launch your journey.

Make your live journey a Concierge journey

By default, Concierge is activated for all existing journeys. However, we recommend incorporating Send text message steps in your journey with the following information:

  • {{agentName}}: This macro introduces your agent persona to subscribers.
  • Direct question: By asking subscribers a direct question, you open the door for conversation.


Text message steps in journeys

When Concierge is activated for the journey, Send text message steps display the number of texts sent and the percentage of subscribers who replied to the message. In the screenshot below, the text message was sent to 2,413 subscribers, and 3.7% of those subscribers replied to it.


When you click on a Send text message step, a panel appears.


The panel displays key metrics including:

  • Number of text messages sent
  • Number of text messages skipped
  • Overall conversation revenue
  • Overall conversation CVR

    Note: Overall conversation CVR is calculated by dividing the number of Concierge conversions by the number of Concierge conversations (sessions).
  • Number of replies
  • Message-specific revenue
  • Message-specific CTR
  • Message-specific CVR
  • Number of and percentage of recipients who unsubscribed

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