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This article assumes that you’ve already onboarded with Attentive Concierge™ and understand how Concierge works. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

You can provide great, one-to-one conversational experiences for both new and existing subscribers with LiveSMS landing pages.

When site visitors visit a LiveSMS landing page, they can click on a customizable button that connects them directly to one of your Concierge agents in a text message conversation. Once visitors opt-in to messaging from you, your Concierge agent can respond to subscriber questions, provide product recommendations, and help drive more revenue for your store.

You can add links to LiveSMS landing pages in many places:

  • Social media profiles
  • Website footers + banners
  • Email signatures

and just about anywhere else.

You can build landing pages that look great on both mobile devices:

Customer view of a LiveSMS landing page on a mobile device.

and desktop devices:

Customer view of a LiveSMS landing page on a desktop device.

How do LiveSMS landing pages work?

Concierge LiveSMS landing pages work similarly to other landing pages in Attentive:

  1. When someone visits a LiveSMS landing page, they see a button that asks if they want assistance.
    Customer view of button on LiveSMS landing page to get assistance.
  2. When they tap the CTA button, their messaging app opens.
    1. If they're not already a subscriber, their messaging app opens with a pre-filled opt-in message. Once they send the message, they are opted-in to messaging from you. Note that visitors on desktop devices will instead see a number they can send a text to instead.
      Customer view of pre-filled opt-in message in messaging app.
      They also enter into the welcome journey assigned to the landing page, which sends them legal language and forwards the message to one of your Concierge agents, who engage them in conversation.
    2. If they're already a subscriber, their messaging app opens, where they can start chatting with a Concierge agent right away.
      Customer view of chat with a Concierge agent in messaging app.

Desktop vs. mobile LiveSMS landing pages

Desktop and mobile LiveSMS landing pages both make it easy for your subscribers to ask questions and get assistance on-demand from your Concierge agents, but the experience works differently based on their devices and opt-in status with you.

For non-subscribers who see the LiveSMS landing page on:

  • Desktop: They see a field where they can enter their mobile number and a CTA button, which you can customize. After visitors click the CTA, they'll receive a message prompting them to Reply Y to confirm their opt in. Once they reply Y, their number is shared with a Concierge agent, who sends them a text message.
  • Mobile: They see a CTA that, when tapped, opens their messaging app with a pre-filled message opting them in to messaging from you. After they send the opt-in message, a Concierge agent sends them a text message.

For existing subscribers who see the LiveSMS landing page on:

  • Desktop: They see a CTA that includes a phone number that, when messaged, starts a conversation with a Concierge agent.
  • Mobile: They see a CTA that, when tapped, opens their messaging app to the most recent message you sent them. There, they can enter a new question, and your Concierge agent replies to them.

Create a LiveSMS landing page

  1. While signed in to Attentive, go to Sign-up Units.
  2. Click + Create sign-up flow.
  3. Click Build custom and then click Continue.
  4. Enter a memorable name for your LiveSMS landing page, and then click Other.
    Entering a memorable name for a new LiveSMS landing page.
    Tip: Include LiveSMS in the name to make it easier to find with search later.
  5. Scroll to Landing Page. Select LiveSMS Landing Page, and then click Create.
    Selecting the LiveSMS Landing Page template.
  6. Your LiveSMS landing page opens with your brand styles applied, but you can also customize it. For more on designing different landing page elements, see Design a sign-up unit.

    When you’re finished designing your landing page, click Save and Continue.

  7. Assign a welcome journey and optionally an offer to your landing page. When visitors subscribe to messaging from you with this landing page, they enter the welcome journey you select here.

    Tip: If you already created a welcome journey for Concierge, select that one. Otherwise, use your default welcome journey.
    After you select a welcome journey, click Save and continue.
  8. Finally, review your landing page. Once you’re happy with your landing page, click Schedule, and then select whether to activate your landing page right now or schedule it for a future date and time.

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