FAQs: Using autoresponders with Concierge

Within Concierge business hours (08:00am - 12:00am EST) agents typically respond to subscriber messages within 5 minutes of receiving them. However, you can create an autoresponse for times in which agent responses are delayed due to working hours or influxes in subscriber messages.


Note: For information on creating an acknowledgement autoresponse, see our Autoresponders documentation.

When are autoresponses sent?

Subscribers receive an autoresponse when they initiate a new conversation. This includes asking a question, or responding to a journey or campaign message for which Concierge is activated. If the same subscriber sends additional messages, they don’t receive additional autoresponses.

Do LiveSMS conversations initiate autoresponses?

No; messages that subscribers send on LiveSMS don’t trigger autoresponses.

If I have multiple autoresponders, when does the Concierge autoresponder send?

Concierge autoresponses are sent only during business hours. If a subscriber sends you a message outside of business hours, your default autoresponse is sent instead.

Can I give feedback on the autoresponse?

Yes; for more information on providing feedback on messages, see: Monitor agents and give feedback.

How do I enable autoresponses for Concierge?

If you’re already using Concierge, acknowledgement autoresponses are enabled by default. If you’d like to deactivate this feature, contact your CSM.

How am I billed for Concierge autoresponses?

Concierge message rates don’t apply to autoresponses. Instead, you’ll be billed at your normal messaging rate.

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