Optimize messages for Concierge

By default, Concierge is turned on for your campaign and journey messages, which enables you to transform one-way messages into two-way conversations. As you get started with Concierge, use this guide to tailor your messages to the new customer experience.

Introduce your agent persona by name

To let subscribers know that they can directly engage with Concierge agents, we recommend including the {{offer.code}} macro, or writing out your agent persona name in an introduction to new subscribers. This can be in the first Send message step of your journey, or in any campaign messages.

For inspiration, click the Concierge bell as you design your message. Then, select Introduce agent persona.

Encourage responses with a prompt or question

By asking subscribers a direct question, or sending them a prompt, you open the door for conversation. For example, you can:

  • Send a call to action to the subscribers.
  • Tell subscribers to reply via text message with questions.
  • Directly ask subscribers if they need assistance with their shopping experience.

For inspiration, you can click the Concierge bell as you design your message. Then, select Response Prompt.


Adopt a Concierge campaign template

Whether you’re creating a campaign, or adding a text message to your journey, you can leverage the campaign templates to introduce your agent persona. When configuring the campaign, click Select a message template. Then, click Concierge on the left menu. You can select any of the templates to base your message off of. Some templates include:

Concierge sale Concierge product launch Concierge VIP
Hey {{subscriber.firstName}} this is {{agentName}}, our sale is starting NOW! Shop now for [xx%] off. Text back if you have any questions! [insert coupon link] Hey {{subscriber.firstName}} this is {{agentName}}. It’s finally here! {{triggerEvent.product.name}} is now available on our site and I wanted you to know before we sell out! Text back if you have any questions! Shop now [insert link] Hey {{subscriber.firstName}}! You’re one of our top customers! This means you can text me, {{agentName}}, your dedicated concierge with any questions! Is there anything you’ve been looking for that I can help find? Text back with any questions! Also, here’s a special 10% off just for VIPs! [insert coupon link]

Strategically mention your Concierge program

Attentive routes all subscriber responses (except for support keywords and conversational keywords) to your Concierge agents. This allows subscribers to respond to any campaign or journey message if Concierge is activated.

To ensure subscribers are aware that they can do this, we recommend mentioning your Concierge program in the following messages:

  • Autoresponder: Send an automatic response to subscribers each time they mention you informing them that they can text you back for assistance or answers to their questions.
  • Campaigns: In your campaigns, remind subscribers that they can reply for questions or assistance.
  • Welcome journeys: At the beginning of your new or existing welcome journey, add a text message step that introduces your agent persona and informs subscribers they can respond with questions at any time.
  • Cart abandonment journeys: As you remind subscribers to purchase the product in their cart, you can invite them to ask questions to Concierge agents, and potentially incentivize them with an offer to complete the purchase.

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