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This article assumes that you’ve already onboarded with Attentive Concierge™ and understand how Concierge works. If you haven’t yet, you may want to check out the following before proceeding:

In this article, we'll go over some of the ways that you can elevate your Concierge experience for subscribers by writing great initial message prompts and show you other ways to make sure your subscribers know they can text you for help at any time.

Important note: The suggestions below are not meant to be prescriptive and may not work for your brand – so feel free to experiment and see what works best for you and your subscribers!

How to write a great Concierge message

For you to get the most out of your Concierge program, it’s essential that your subscribers know that they can ask questions and get help at any time just by texting you. Here are a few fast and easy ways to improve your campaign and journey messaging approaches to help drive more subscriber replies.

Whether you’re sending journey or campaign messages, there are two key additions you can make to each message to boost the impact of your Concierge program:

Introduce your agent by name


Always include the name of an agent in your message to reinforce the fact that subscribers are talking to a real human. This helps recipients understand that someone will be reading their message and responding to it personally – it’s not a chatbot!

There are two easy ways to add agent names to your messages:

  • Introduce an agent with the {agentName} personalization, which adds the agent name you’ve added to the Response preferences in your Concierge settings.
  • Add the agent’s name manually in the message.

Encourage subscriber responses with a direct prompt or question


It’s basic human psychology: people respond well to prompts, so don’t be shy! Adding prompts to your Concierge messages makes responses much more likely. In fact, Concierge campaign messages that include a prompt often receive double the number of responses.

Some types of responses are:

  • Direct calls to action for recipients to reply with questions or issues
  • Questions asking if recipients need support or recommendations

If you aren’t sure what to write or want a little inspiration, you can click the Concierge bell Primary_Fill.png in the message editor for suggestions from the pros at Attentive.


If you click:

  • {agentName}: The name of your Concierge agent is added. You can change the name of your Concierge persona in Concierge Tone Management settings.
  • Introduce agent persona: You see a list of agent introductions, each of which includes {agentName}. Click one to add it to your message.
  • Response prompt: You see a list of response prompt suggestions. Click one to add it to your message.

Don’t like any of our suggestions? Want to use a suggestion for the first half of your message but customize the rest? No worries! When you add Concierge optimization suggestions to a message, they’re added as text in the message editor, so you can edit, delete, or add to them to suit the needs of your brand.

Where and how to mention your Concierge program

Each message your subscribers send you is automatically sent to one of your Concierge agents, ensuring that they will get great service quickly. Subscribers don't need to text a special keyword or set of characters to get help – any message will do!

Note: If a subscriber sends you a message that does include a keyword – like your support keyword or conversational keyword – that message isn't sent to Concierge.

With that in mind, it’s important to make sure your subscribers know that help is only a text message away. Here are some of our favorite places for including mention of your Concierge program:

Your autoresponder

Your autoresponder sends a message to subscribers whenever they message you. You should update your autoresponder to let subscribers know that they can text you back for help and answers to their questions.


For more on customizing your autoresponder, check out Autoresponders.

Campaign messages

By default, campaign messages are both one-time and one-way. Campaign messages are great for letting subscribers know about special offers or weekend sales but aren’t great for engaging in conversations .. until now! If you add your Concierge keyword to a campaign, subscribers can reply with the keyword to begin a conversation with your Concierge agent.


For more on customizing campaigns, check out Design a campaign. Make sure to detail which keyword to reply with in your message!

Welcome journeys

Your subscribers enter a welcome journey when they first opt in to receive text messages from you. This is usually your first point of messaging contact with new subscribers. By default, the first message in a welcome journey must include legal and compliance information (don’t worry – we draft this for you!), but you can edit subsequent messages.


Welcome journeys are an excellent place to include Concierge keywords, as they let your subscribers know right away that help is only a short SMS reply away.

For more on customizing welcome journeys, check out Create a welcome journey.

One-way cart abandonment journeys

One-way cart abandonment journeys message subscribers who've added a product to their cart but haven't completed the purchase. Cart abandonment journeys are a great way to boost revenue by reminding subscribers to complete their purchase or giving them an extra discount to help nudge the sale to completion.


For more on cart abandonment journeys, check out the following:

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