FAQs: Attentive Concierge™

What is Attentive Concierge™?

Attentive Concierge™ builds on conversational journeys with one major difference: instead of sending pre-written messages to subscribers, a real, living human being at Attentive reads and responds to subscriber messages on your behalf. Attentive uses all of your customer service materials and FAQs to respond to subscribers, and Concierge agents use conversational selling techniques while maintaining your brand voice to drive ROI.

Attentive Concierge agents are trained to best address the needs of your brand (with some AI assistance). Each Attentive Concierge agent has experience in both e-commerce and customer service and is a pro at high-volume, conversational-driven assistance.

Why does Attentive Concierge cost more?

Attentive Concierge agents are real, living people. We pay Attentive Concierge agents highly competitive rates to ensure that we have the best talent in the industry. Unlike a regular SMS or MMS message sent with Attentive, each Attentive Concierge message is actually sent by someone who's trying to say exactly the right thing to drive more sales for your business.

Does Concierge replace my customer support or customer service team?

No. Attentive Concierge is designed to be and works best as a supplement to your existing customer service and support teams while also providing an additional source of revenue. In general, you’ll get the most value with Attentive Concierge if you use it as a first line of product support and a method of driving additional revenue via conversational selling techniques.


Concierge agents don't have access to data about your customers or their orders, including information hosted in e-commerce platforms like Shopify. When customers ask Concierge agents about topics like order status, they escalate those questions to you and your customer support team.

To learn more, check out Configure escalation email, UTM tracking, and offers for Concierge agents.

How do Concierge agents know which subscribers want or need help?

Once Concierge is enabled, any message subscribers send to you – as long as the message doesn't include a support or other keyword – is read by a Concierge agent, who replies to the subscriber.

When are Concierge agents available to provide support and answer subscriber questions?

Concierge agents are online and handling questions 7 days a week from 8am ET - 12am ET (16 hours per day).

How long do Attentive Concierge agents take to respond to messages?

Attentive Concierge agents aim to respond to messages in less than five minutes, but we’re constantly striving to reply to more messages faster.

How do I create an Attentive Concierge journey?

See the following:

What happens if an Attentive Concierge agent can’t answer a question?

Occasionally, Attentive Concierge agents aren't able to answer specific questions from subscribers since they don't have access to all of the details about each subscriber. For example, Attentive Concierge agents can’t see details like subscriber order IDs.

When that happens, the Attentive Concierge agent escalates the message to your team to respond to the subscriber directly. You can respond to escalated subscriber messages in two places:

  • Reply directly to the escalation email the Attentive Concierge team sends you. Note that your reply doesn’t go directly to the subscriber; the Attentive Concierge agent uses your response to reply to the subscriber.
  • From the Conversations Inbox tab in Attentive, you can reply directly to the subscriber.

What happens if a transactional-only subscriber replies to a message?

If a subscriber replies to a transactional message from you and they haven't opted in to marketing messages from you, the message isn't sent to a Concierge agent. Only subscribers who have opted in to marketing messages from you can speak with Concierge agents.

Should I use a discount code with Attentive Concierge?

Yes! We recommend that you set up a discount code to use with Attentive Concierge so that Attentive Concierge agents can best incentivize customers to complete their purchases. Attentive Concierge agents have access only to the discount code you choose when setting up the Attentive Concierge journey.

For more, check out Create an offer for Concierge agents.

What happens when I add a UTM to an Attentive Concierge journey?

When you set up a UTM for use in an Attentive Concierge journey, any time an agent shares a link with a subscriber, the link has the UTM attached to it. For example, if a customer abandons a checkout, an Attentive Concierge agent often shares a link back to that checkout in order to convert the sale.

For more, check out Optimize Concierge journeys for data collection.

How can I monitor and provide feedback to my Attentive Concierge agent?

You can give feedback on individual messages sent by Concierge agents on the Conversations Inbox tab. When giving feedback, you can indicate if it’s positive or negative, and you can also include a short message explaining why you provided feedback.


Although you aren’t required to provide feedback, your agents will learn your brand values more quickly – and convert more conversations into sales – if you provide frequent feedback.

You can identify Concierge conversations by looking for the Concierge bell in the Inbox.

For more, check out Monitor Concierge agents and give feedback.

How should I write Concierge prompt messages?

You’ll get the best results with delightful, personalized messaging in your initial message to subscribers. Concierge messages should always …

  • Introduce your Concierge agent by name. When you introduce your Concierge agent, subscribers are much more likely to understand that they can talk to a real person – and send them a message.
  • Ask subscribers a direct question. When you prompt subscribers with a question, they’re more likely to respond. The more conversations your Concierge agents have with subscribers, the more frequently they’ll make additional sales.

For more, check out Build great conversational experiences with Concierge.

How do I evaluate the performance of Attentive Concierge journeys?

You can evaluate the performance of your Concierge program by reviewing Concierge reports, which show you performance in aggregate across your entire program, or by looking at individual Send text message steps within journeys, which show you reply rates for each message you send.


Concierge includes a suite of reports to give you actionable insights into your program.


As with other reports in Attentive, you can review report data within Attentive, or export it as a .csv file.

Concierge data is captured in three reports:

  • Performance summary: data about the conversions, revenue, and general productivity attributed to your Concierge agents
  • Conversation summary: data about the conversations that your Concierge agents are having across different types of messaging
  • Support summary: data about support messages, escalations, and resolutions your agents sent to subscribers

For more, check out View Concierge reports.

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