The text that appears in a sign-up unit depends on the unit you’re editing. However, the process for adding new or changing existing text is the same across units, as described here.

  1. Start on the Design tab of the sign-up unit under Page styles.
  2. In the Headlines section, locate the Text field(s) containing the text you’d like to change within each headline.


  3. Enter the new text in the Text field.
  4. Enter the font size in the Size field. 
    Note: "rem" in the Size field lets you specify a relative font size for the text in your headlines and on the Continue button.
    The preview of the unit on the right shows your changes.
  5. Make changes to the other components of the unit, as desired, and click Save and continue.

You can also adjust the alignment of text that the user enters into input fields (such as their email address), as well as the placeholder text instructing them what to enter. Under Email page, click the email address field in the preview; then set the alignment in the Text alignment field. Options are Left or Center alignment.



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