The areas of color that you can change in a sign-up unit depend on the unit you’re editing:

  • Background
  • Button and border color
  • Text

Before you begin

This article is part of designing your sign-up unit. See Design a sign-up unit for more information.

Edit colors

The process for changing a color is the same across units, as described here.

Note: To change the default colors that display under Brand styles, see Set up your Brand Kit.

  1. Start on the Design tab of the sign-up unit.
  2. Locate the Color field you want to change.
  3. Enter the hexadecimal code directly into the Color field, or use the color picker to choose.
    The preview of the unit on the right shows your changes.
  4. Make changes to the other components of the unit, as desired, and click Save and continue.

Note: If your sign-up unit colors do not meet our recommended guidelines, you will see the following error message:


Attempting to proceed with colors that do not meet our recommended guidelines will result in a warning message. See Override an issue with ADA compliance for more details.

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