You can change the background that appears in your sign-up unit.

  1. Start on the Design tab of the sign-up unit under Brand styles.
  2. In the Background section, choose one of the following options:
    • For a solid color background, click in the Color field and choose the color.
    • Type


      Mobile Specs

      • Partial - 750 x 575 px
      • Fullscreen - 750 x 1124px
      • Fullscreen - top or bottom aligned split layout 750 x 400px
      • Floating - centered modal - 315 x 327px
      • Full bleed - top, bottom, center image 330 x 322px


      Follow these specifications for the dimensions of a background image:

      • Floating - centered modal 600 x 600 px
      • Floating - left or right aligned split layout 400 x 600 px
      • Full bleed - full background 1024 x 708 px
      • Full bleed - half background 512 x 708 px
      • For an image background, click Upload, and then upload a .JPG file below 500KB. 

  3. If you chose an image background, set the Overlay color and Overlay opacity values and, if desired, change the Image alignment.


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