Specifications for sign-up units

Use these dimensions to create optimally-sized sign-up units. Note that JPG is the preferable file type, and the file size should be below 500 KB.

Sign-up unit dimensions


  • Floating - centered modal: 1200 x 1200 px
  • Floating - left or right aligned split layout: 800 x 1200 px
  • Full bleed - full background: 1082 x 768 px
  • Full bleed - half background: 541 x 768 px


  • Partial - 750 x 600 px
  • Fullscreen - 750 x 1274 px
  • Floating
    • Fixed - Set at 75% of screen height
    • Fit to content (default) - Set at height of sign-up unit content
  • Split screen top or split screen bottom - 750 x 400 px

Note: If a sign-up unit's content exceeds the fixed height or full height of the screen, the sign-up unit will scroll. Split screen images are not available with floating sign-up units.

Landing page

  • Full background: 1082 x 768 px
  • Split screen background: 541 x 768 px
Note: Landing pages are responsive, which means that elements on the page automatically adjust based on the user’s device type and browser size. To ensure your landing page looks great on both mobile and desktop devices, we recommend minimizing image padding. You can also pin images to the top, center, or bottom of the landing page. For example, we recommend pinning images of models to the top of the page so that the model’s face isn’t cut off when the landing page is viewed on a mobile device.

Logo dimensions

240 x 240 px

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