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Giveaways are a great way to leverage your sign-up units to engage your subscribers. Create a prize, like a gift card or merchandise, and watch your subscribers reply to your giveaway message for a chance to win. There are two workflows for creating giveaways depending on whether receiving subscribers are new or existing:

Create a giveaway for new subscribers

  1. Click on Sign-up Units from the side navigation panel, then click + Create sign-up flow. See Create a sign-up unit for more details.

  2. To create a giveaway, choose either an onsite (e.g., fullscreen) or offsite (landing page, Instagram story, etc.) sign-up unit. See Create a sign-up unit for more details on each type of sign-up unit.

  3. Design your sign-up unit. See Design a sign-up unit for more details. Click Save and Continue when finished.
    The Assign menu appears for your new sign-up unit. After designing your sign-up unit, assign a welcome journey that confirms the subscriber has been entered in the giveaway. You may also opt to inform them of your giveaway details, such as how winners are selected.
    Assign a welcome journey on the Assign tab of your sign-up unit

  4. Create giveaway terms to host on your website, or if you prefer, on an Attentive-hosted page. Please send White Glove ( a word document of giveaway terms if you’d like the terms to be on an Attentive-hosted page.

Note: Per carrier requirements, giveaway terms must be linked in the sign-up unit. Be aware that giveaway rules vary by state and country, so we recommend consulting your counsel.

Create a giveaway for existing subscribers

  1. Create and send a campaign to your existing subscribers to notify them about your giveaway. Ensure your campaign message instructs subscribers to reply with a keyword to enter the giveaway. For example: Giveaway alert! Reply [Keyword] for a chance to win [X].

  2. Set up a new texted-a-keyword journey or add a branch to an existing welcome journey that:

    • Includes relevant keyword(s) for entering the giveaway,

    • Adds a message under the keyword(s) that confirms when a subscriber replies with the keyword to join the giveaway.
      Two-way journeys include text-a-keyword, which enables sending text messages per custom attributes

  3. Create or add custom attributes if you plan to target these subscribers in the future.

  4. Select your winner. You can reach out to White Glove ( to randomly select a giveaway winner on your behalf. You can decide how to alert the winner. One option is to send the winner a message via the Conversations tab to give them details on redeeming their prize.

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