Add a pre-engagement page to a sign-up unit

Pre-engagement pages add a new initial page to your sign-up units that ask visitors if they want to receive a discount on your store with a yes or no question before they enter the sign-up flow. If they confirm, viewers will see the rest of the sign-up unit prompting them to sign up for messaging from your brand. Sign-up units with pre-engagement pages can result in higher CVR for your sign-up units by emphasizing the value of signing up before requiring visitors to provide their contact information.

ubscriber view of pre-engagement page, sign-up unit, and messaging app with pre-filled text message to sign up.

You can add pre-engagement pages to most of your existing sign-up units, or add them when you create a new sign-up unit. Styles in your Brand Kit are automatically applied to pre-engagement screens, or you can edit the appearance of each element manually

Note: Pre-engagement pages are not compatible with spin to win, countdown timer, or tap to reveal functionality.

  1. Edit an existing sign-up unit or create a new sign-up unit .
  2. Hover over the sign-up unit and click Edit Design.
    Hovering over a sign-up unit and clicking Edit Design.
  3. Click the + button above the sign-up unit and then click Pre-Engagement.
    Clicking the Plus button then selecting Pre-Engagement.
  1. A pre-engagement page is added to your sign-up unit. You can edit the unit’s copy and design. When you’re done, click Save changes.
  2. If you want to edit the design of the other pages in your sign-up unit or change the display rules, do so now. When you’re finished, click Schedule and activate.

Frequently asked questions

What happens if a site visitor doesn’t proceed past the pre-engagement page?

If a site visitor clicks the X or the Pre-Engagement Deny Button (e.g., “No, thanks”), and doesn’t proceed past the pre-engagement page, then Attentive treats this behavior the same way it does when site visitors click the X on subsequent sign-up unit pages. This means that the sign-up unit’s Display rules and other configurations (such as when the bubble appears) apply.

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