Add a social proof metric to a sign-up unit

Conveying how popular an on-site sign-up offer is can compel visitors to convert at a higher rate. Add a social proof metric to any sign-up unit to create a sense of urgency, which can result in more sign-ups or acceptances of an offer. 

Social proof on the sign-up unit displays motivational metrics such as:

  • (Number of people) signed up during the (week, month, or all time).

a sign-up unit example with social proof turned on and displayed

  1. Edit an existing sign-up unit or create a new sign-up unit .
  2. Hover over the sign-up unit and click Edit Design.
  3. Select Social proof from the Page styles tab.
  4. Toggle the On button to view the options.
  5. Choose a Subscriber collection period, i.e., what unit of time to display: Week, Month, or All time.

    Note: The preview doesn’t show the actual count of people who signed up. Instead, it shows placeholders of 100 (week), 1,000 (month), or 10,000 (all time). The actual number of people who signed up appears in the live sign-up unit and can also be found in the Sign-up Units Performance Report.
  6. If you want to hide the counter until a minimum number of sign-ups has occurred:
    1. In the Threshold section, toggle the Social proof subscriber count threshold button on.
    2. Enter a number. This number represents how long social proof should stay hidden. For example, enter 500 to hide it until at least 500 sign-ups have occurred during the chosen time frame.
      Display and styling options for a sign-up unit
  7. Use the options in the Styling section to choose where the social proof metric appears on the sign-up unit and provide the text that explains the metric. 
  8. You can also customize the text, color, font, and background options.
  9. Click Save changes when you’ve finished. 

Frequently asked questions

How is the number in the social proof metric calculated?

The number in the social proof metric is the number of new subscribers who sign up in order to claim the offer in the selected time period (week, month, or all time).

How often is the number in the social proof metric refreshed?

This number is calculated on a rolling basis and refreshed daily. If the selected time period is Week, it looks back at the past seven days. If the selected time period is Month, it looks back at the last 30 days.

If a customer sees a sign-up unit with a social proof metric twice in the same day, it’s likely they’ll see the same number both times. If they see it again the next day, however, they’ll likely see a different, higher number.

Can I add a social proof metric to partial sign-up units?

No. Social proof metrics are currently only available for full-screen sign-up units.

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