Design a sign-up unit

On the Design tab, you can customize the style of a sign-up unit. A sign-up unit is made up of some common components, such as content, buttons, colors, and fonts. The procedures for changing these components are the same across all the units. 

Attentive has built-in tools to check for certain issues relating to ADA compliance. If you have issues with ADA compliance as you design a unit, error numbers display showing you where to go to correct your design. See Override an issue with ADA compliance for more details.


For a summary of compliance checks, see the FAQs

For the ideal dimensions to use for your sign-up units, see Specifications for sign-up units.

The styling options for a sign-up unit let you control its look and content. To get you up and running, any sign-up units you build are pre-designed with your brand's logo, fonts, and color palette. You still have full control and flexibility to further customize them however you'd like. Click an element on the sign-up unit's preview on the right side of the screen to see and edit its contextually relevant styling options on the left.

In most templates, you’ll have the option to edit the first page a visitor will see, followed by the Email and SMS pages. You can find the options to edit copy and other page-specific items under Page styles and global settings such as background, logo, and fonts that affect all pages under Brand styles. To make changes to your brand styles, see Edit brand styles.

You can add or remove the Bubble and Email elements of your sign-up unit (and add them back later, if needed). Click the x to remove the element and the + to add it back. 

mceclip1.png  mceclip2.png


  • If you delete the Bubble and/or Email elements that matched the rest of the sign-up unit and then decide to re-add them, the design resets to the default design, and you'll need to adjust the color, font, background, etc. again to match the rest of the sign-up unit.
  • Some styling options such as background and the close button are not currently clickable in the preview. You can still edit these under Brand styles.
  • If you want to implement viewing age restrictions on a sign-up unit, contact White Glove ( to set this up for you. 
    • Note: In the event that all or most of your content is age restricted, White Glove will classify your current and future sign-up units as age restricted.


View the following sections, depending on which part of the sign-up unit you want to edit:

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