Create email-only sign-up units

With Attentive, you can use an email-only sign-up unit to collect email addresses from visitors to your site who live outside the US (or any other country where you currently send text messages). You can then pass these email addresses to your email service provider (ESP) to contact them via email.

Before you begin

  • Email-only sign-up units are only available for US text message programs. This is because they provide a way to capture emails in markets where text message sign-up units don’t appear.
  • Emails collected by email-only sign-up units are sent to you via the method already set up for your brand (e.g., an integration with your email service provider)
  • If an email-only sign-up unit is set to display in a country where a non-US text message program has active text message sign-up units, the text message sign-up unit takes precedence—the email-only sign-up unit won’t appear.

Build a new email-only sign-up unit

Follow these steps to build and activate an email-only sign-up unit:

  1. Go to the Sign-up Units tab.
  2. Click + Create sign-up flow.
  3. Click Choose template or Build custom; then click Continue. See What are sign-up units? for more information.
  4. When editing the design (using a template) or in the Design step (when building a custom sign-up unit), click the X next to SMS to remove SMS collection from the sign-up unit.
    Removing SMS page from a sign-up unit in the editor.

  5. In the popup window, click Remove SMS.

When you remove SMS collection from a sign-up unit, Attentive automatically creates a new display rule that hides the sign-up unit from visitors in the United States, as these visitors will see your standard SMS sign-up units instead.

New display rule to hide sign-up unit from visitors in the United States.

Edit display rules to hide email-only sign-up units in other countries

While creating a sign-up unit, follow these steps to further edit international targeting display rules for email-only sign-up units.

  1. Next to Display rules, click Edit.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the popup and select an option under Which locations should the sign-up appear?
    • Show to visitors in these locations
    • Don’t show to visitors in these locations
  3. Search for and select the countries where the sign-up unit should be shown or hidden, depending on the option selected in step 2.
  4. Click Save Changes.

Configuring a sign-up unit to be hidden from visitors in Canada.

To edit display rules for an existing sign-up unit, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sign-up units.
  2. Click Rules.
    Clicking the Rules tab on the Sign-up units page.
  3. Click the three dots to the right of the sign-up unit whose display rules you’d like to edit, then click Edit Rules.
  4. In Selected display rules, click Edit.
  5. Click Hide Rules.
  6. In the Country section, search for and select the countries where the sign-up unit should be hidden.
    Editing the 'Hide' display rules for a sign-up unit.
  7. Click Update.

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