Create a new sign-up unit

Sign-up flows empower you to design and customize beautiful sign-up units within the Attentive platform. Use these sign-up units to grow your subscriber lists by quickly converting visitors to SMS and email subscribers, and feel more confident knowing that our tool was designed with ADA and TCPA compliance in mind. 

View the following video to learn how to create a sign-up flow:

You can see example sign-up units customizations here

  1. Starting on the Sign-up Units tab, click + Create sign-up flow.
    The Create sign-up flow window appears.
  2. Click Choose template to build a sign-up unit using one of Attentive’s pre-built sign-up unit templates or Build custom to create a new sign-up unit from scratch; then click Continue.
  3. On the Create sign-up flow page, enter a name for the unit.
  4. Under Templates, choose a template. Templates with higher conversion rates are noted.
    templates for suu.png
  5. Click Create.
  6. Proceed to designing your sign-up unit.

Components of a sign-up unit builder

The sign-up unit builder displays all the information about an existing sign-up unit. 

The builder has four tabs: 

Each tab displays:

  • Name of the sign-up unit you're viewing
  • A date and time stamp indicating the last time the sign-up unit was edited and by whom

If your sign-up unit is inactive, the Save and close button allows you to save your progress and return later to complete your work. (If your unit is currently active, you won’t see this button.)

Click the three dots on the top right to view a menu with options to rename or make a copy of the current sign-up unit.

rename-make copy.jpg

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