Program Reports

The following reports are available to help you review and optimize your program's overall performance.


Report name Description
Program Performance

The Program Performance report provides a high-level view of your key metrics aggregated at the program level.

This report includes a daily breakdown of the same metrics shown on the Dashboard, including new SMS subscribes, SMS unsubscribes, and emails collected. Subscribe and unsubscribe metrics match the data available in the Text Subscriber Growth report. The report also shows messages sent, revenue, and billable spend for both campaigns and journeys.

Legal messages are included in this report. They’re also included in the Dashboard’s overall journey counts. However, legal messages aren’t included in Journey Performance reports.

The Program Performance report attributes revenue and conversions to the conversion date, while Campaign reports attribute revenue and conversions to the message send date.

Finally, the Program Performance report includes two metrics that aren’t available on the Dashboard: conversions and average order value.

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