Create a manual segment

Use the segment builder to upload a list of subscribers who've opted in to your SMS marketing. If you have collected these subscribers from a different marketing platform, please note that their phone numbers must go through a properly formatted CSV file before you use the segment builder. Manual segments are static lists that don't change over time, such as subscribers who participated in last year's Memorial Day Sale.

Upload a segment

  1. Click Segments in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click + Create segment.
  3. Beside Manually uploaded segment, click Create.
  4. Fill in the required Name and (optionally) Description.
    Note: Click the tooltip icon to access the format guide for uploading a manual segment subscriber list using a .CSV file.
    For all UK clients: Add +44 to the beginning of each phone number before uploading your .CSV file.
  5. Click Upload to add your .CSV file to the segment.
    A success message appears once the process is complete. Your segment syncs until the segment size and match rate are determined. 
  6. Refresh the page manually to check if syncing is complete.

Upload a CSV file to an existing segment

Follow this procedure to add more subscribers to an existing segment:

  1. Click the three dots next to the manual segment name and select Upload .CSV.
  2. Click Upload and locate your CSV file.
  3. Click Update Segment to add the list of subscribers to the existing segment.
    A success message appears when the segment is updated.

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