FAQs: Segmenting on product price

As you segment subscribers based on the price of the products they've interacted with, use this guide to answer frequently-asked questions. 

Can I segment on a subscriber's cart value or total life value?

No. This feature will only allow you to segment subscribers based on an interaction with a single product. We do not currently have the ability to aggregate subscriber interactions with multiple products.

Why can’t I segment by the price of products that subscribers have viewed?

Product prices are assigned to individual variants, not products as a whole. For example, for a t-shirt product, the “red medium t-shirt” variant might cost $10, but the “super-rare-hard-to-print turquoise medium t-shirt” variant might cost $50.

When a customer decides to view a product, a product view event is created for the default variant. Only after that first view, will a customer possibly view the variant they are actually interested in.

Will this feature be publicly announced?

Not individually. This is one of our “Shopify best-in-class” features. Later in the summer, we will market all our new Shopify features at once. However, this is the first of these features, so we are not doing a large marketing push for it now.

Can I segment by product price if I don't use Shopify?

Yes. Any client with a product catalogue integration that provides us price will be able to use this feature.

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