Include or exclude segmented lists in a message

When you send a campaign message, by default all subscribers receive the message. But once you have created manual and/or dynamic segments, you can start including them in or excluding them from specific messages. This helps you send more targeted, personalized messages to reach the right subscribers.

  1. Navigate to Campaigns and click + Create campaign.
  2. Select One-time SMS message and click Continue.


    Set up your campaign opens.
  3. On the Set up your campaign screen, enter a name in the Campaign name field.
    Note: Use a specific, memorable name for your campaign to make it easier to reference later. Subscribers can’t see the name of the campaign.
  4. Choose the segments you want to include/exclude from your message.

To include only a specific segment or segments:

i. In the Who will you send this campaign to? drop-down, instead of the default of All Subscribers being included, select a specific segment. 

ii. (Optional) To include more segments, click the Include link and select the additional segment(s).

To exclude a specific segment or segments:

i. Click the Exclude link.

ii. In the EXCLUDED SEGMENTS drop-down, select a segment to exclude.

iii. (Optional) To exclude more segments, click the Exclude another segment link and select the additional segment(s).

5. Click Save & continue.

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