FAQs: Price drop journeys

Are there any requirements for creating price drop journeys?

Yes. You must share your product data with Attentive before you can start building price drop journeys. For more, see Product Catalog.

Do price drop journeys work at the product level or product variant level?

Price drop journeys trigger at the product variant level, which means that they trigger after a subscriber adds a product variant to their cart whose price drops. A product variant is a size or another variation on one of the products in your store.

Note that if you include the {{triggerEvent.product.name}} personalization in a price drop journey, subscribers will see the product name but not the specific variant name.

Can I use currencies other than USD in price drop journeys?

Yes! Price drop journeys use the same currency as your default shop currency in your store.

How do we determine when to trigger a price drop journey?

Price drop journeys trigger on product variants after you reduce their price by a percentage in the trigger step. The default price drop percentage is 5%, but you can customize how large (or how small) the percentage must be before the journey is triggered.

Do price drop journeys automatically exclude customers who purchased a specific product variant, or does it exclude any customer who has made a purchase?

Price drop journeys automatically exclude customers who have purchased a specific variant of the product in the past.

When I turn on a price drop journey, will it include customers who previously added a product whose price has since dropped to their cart, or will it only include subscribers who added a product after I turned the journey on?

Price drop journeys are retroactive for the add to cart window that you set. For example, if you turn on the journey today and set your add to cart window to In the last 30 days, any subscriber within the last 30 days who added a product to their cart that dropped by your set price drop % (e.g. 10%) would enter the journey.

How do personalizations work with price drop journeys?

The {{triggerEvent.product.link}}, {{triggerEvent.product.name}}, and {{triggerEvent.product.priceDropPct}} macros will pull in the product name, not the variant name, even if the journey trigger is looking at the product level. The {{triggerEvent.product.priceDropPct}} macro will include how much the price has dropped in % and include the % sign, e.g. 10%.

Can I trigger a Price Drop Journey for multiple specific products?

Yes! Simply drag a “Branch” step after the Price Drop trigger, select the "What product's price dropped" option in the dropdown menu, and then select if you want to filter by product name, category, collection, etc. You can add x branches to a Price Drop journey.

How do subscribers qualify to enter this journey trigger?

Currently, you can only include subscribers who have added a product to their cart, didn't complete purchase, and the product added to cart drops in price. You can adjust how recently the subscriber added the product to their cart.

Why can’t I pick a variant name to branch on?

We assume that you’ll want to treat each variant of the same product the same way. For example, if you drop the price of a medium t-shirt by 5%, then you also dropped the price of small and large t-shirts by 5%.

Can I incorporate product data in the price-drop journey?

With an eCommerce integration or the Product Data API, you can input product data to incorporate product attributes in your subscriber segments or journey branches. This allows you to create product-change triggered journeys. For more information, see Use your product data in Attentive.

Should I include wait steps in price drop journeys?

Although wait times of 20 minutes to one day are usually best practice in journeys, we recommend not using them for price drop journeys. Price drop journeys work in almost real-time with a delay of about thirty seconds, which helps encourage the urgency of completing a purchase.

How should I use offers in price drop journeys?

Best practice: If you want to include offers in a price drop journey message, you shouldn't use the same pool of offers that are being used in your welcome journey.

Also, note that while you can use unique or shared discount codes with price drop journeys, you cannot use integrated offers like Shopify auto-gen offer codes. Because price drop journeys may trigger for multiple subscribers at the same time, price drop messages could get dropped if the offer depletes more quickly than it can be replenished.

Do price drop journeys check stock levels before sending messages?

Yes! As with back in stock journeys, we check inventory levels on your store to make sure you’re not sending your subscribers messages for out of stock products.

Can I restrict price drop journeys to specific regions?

Yes! If you’ve set up segments for regions, you can branch for those segments and only send messages to subscribers in specific regional segments.

Can price drop journeys trigger when subscribers add products to their wishlist?

No. Price drop journeys trigger when the price of an item the subscriber previously added to their cart drops.

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