Use cases: Price drop journeys

Heads up: This article assumes that you’re familiar with how journeys work in general, and especially how price drop journeys work. If you haven’t yet, you should check out the following before proceeding:

Price drop journeys send messages to subscribers to let them know that a product they’ve shown interest in drop in price. 

As with other journeys, you can add branches in low inventory journeys to more intelligently react to subscriber behavior, attributes, and actions. Continue on for our recommendations on using branches in low inventory journeys. Check out the following use cases for some inspiration on how to optimize price drop journeys for your store.

With an eCommerce integration or the Product Data API, you can input product data to incorporate product attributes in your subscriber segments or journey branches. This allows you to create product-change triggered journeys. For more information, see Use your prowduct data in Attentive.

Branch on product category use cases

  • Use the What product’s price dropped with the Product category if you’re only discounting a specific group of items, like pants for 15% off.

Branch on products with dropped prices use cases

  • Use the What product’s price dropped with the Tag option to message subscribers when subscription products are on sale.

Branch on subscriber geographic segment use cases

  • If you want to run regional sales, use the What segment the subscriber is in and select a geographic segment.

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