Create an offer for Concierge agents

You can create offers in Attentive, such as special discount code or other incentives for subscribers. While Concierge agents can use one of your existing offers (if you you allow them to), it's a good idea to create a special offer for only these agents to use. That way, you’ll have an easier time tracking their usage and managing discount levels.

If you haven’t yet, first make sure that you’ve already enabled agents to send offers to subscribers in Concierge Settings. For more, check out Settings tab: Configure escalation email, UTM tracking, and offers for Concierge agents.


Although you can create an offer for your Concierge agents at any time, we recommend creating one or more before you start creating Concierge journeys and campaigns to make them easier to launch.

To create an offer for Concierge agents, follow the steps in Create offers. You can use a shared or unique discount code or one from an integration. Make sure to include Concierge in its name to make it easier to find later.

Note: Concierge agents have access to one offer at a time. If you want to change which offer Concierge agents can send to subscribers, you’ll need to update it in Concierge Settings.

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